Thank you for coming to this site. we believe reading through these pages will help you.

If you are in the Santa Barbara area I will be happy to meet with you, if you are out of the are we will find a Pastor nearby who does God’s Work.

If you are having trouble with depression, thoughts of suicide and have read through the home page, read through The Love of Christ, said Come Holy Spirit, listened to the songs, watched a few videos of God’s Signs, Wonders and Miracles, then contact us.

If you experience His Love let us know.  Sorry we won’t have time to debate anything mentioned here but as mentioned a couple of times As God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit are my witness nothing here is made up.

Say this pray in first person: A PRAYER; You can say this out loud or in your mind I guarantee God hears you. A prayer : Heavenly Father I praise your Holy Name, I thank you for who You are and that you love me more than I know. I pray to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, I pray for Your Divine Love, I pray for the love of righteousness. Holy Spirit come with God’s divine Love, come with God’s love that is like no other love I have ever known, Holy Spirit we pray come fill me with the fullness of God’s Love. Holy Spirit I pray for your presence to show me God’s Divine love. You don’t have to feel you are righteous – I wasn’t but I was to God.

You can say come Holy Spirit I need Your Blessed Peace and in an hour or two will not be thinking about your problems.