Karen my Angel

I remember falling in love with a beautiful 16-year-old girl.                                            1946- 2011

Angel of God my Guardian Dear                                                                                                      To Whom God’s Love Commits me Here                                                                                    Ever This Day Be At My Side                                                                                                            To Light and Guard and Rule and Guide

(Not sure of original source of this but from the Catholic Church)

Malachi 2:15 (GNT) Didn’t God make you one body and spirit with her? There may be more to this scripture than I know but I did pray to make our spirits one thinking i could take care of her years before finding this. He gave me a dream of intertwined spirits in heaven looking at colorful orbs over mountains and a dream message EITHER ONE THE OTHER and it was with an i.

I was singing this in my sleep. Angels of God above I thank you for your love, angels of God above how can you send God’s love, I don’t know where you are but I know you can’t be far for every time I call your name there you are, there you are loving me, there you are helping me, there you are guiding me, there you are, there you are, even tho I can’t see I know that you are still with me.

As God is my witness nothing here or on this website is made up.

I included this page for me to read about our life once in awhile. She led me to Jesus after she died and realized she was in heaven and I wanted to be with her. Peter 3:1-7 New International Version (NIV) 3 Wives, in the same way submit yourselves to your own husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives, when they see the purity and reverence of your lives. Mentioned elsewhere but her last year could not say yes if she wanted water but out of the blue said I JUST LOVE PEOPLE

THERE IS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE OUR LIFE GOES ON: HEAVENLY REALM. Jesus said The Kingdom of Heaven is in your midst Lu. 17:21, Let your gentleness be evident to all for the Lord is near Phi. 4:5.

  •  “Keith Moore’s Trip to Heaven”  -you tube video, father dies, sometime later he is transported to heaven, sees his father who is in his 20’s, he says he believes God wants us to know our loved ones in heaven are fine. God does not want us grieving for five years as it takes some that long to get over it. Keith is a pastor.
  • Pastor Don Piper says he remembers music that was “beyond spectacular” and aromas he’d never smelled before. His grandfather was there to greet him warmly, as dozens of others who had died in years past stood before him in front of a magnificent gate. Piper, is an ordained Baptist minister.
  • Father Maniyangat also says he died in a traffic accident in 1985, was taken by his guardian angel to visit heaven, hell and purgatory and came back to life to continue his ministry.
  • Minister and gospel singer Tony Davis at his Irvine, California, home on October 12, 2016. Davis went to pick up his wife at work in Los … Davis tells his understanding of the story: He diedwent to heaven and came back to tell the tale.
  • A book, Beyond Mile Marker 80, a man in the operating room after a car wreck sees his wife with angels. The amazing thing is the Dr. operating and the nurses all say they saw the same thing.
  • Sid Roth Supernatural has many people including ministers telling they have been to heaven , seen loved ones. Many sell books and videos how to hear God, how to see in the spiritual world and the heavenly realm.
  • Ned Dougherty started the Mission of Angels Foundation speaking on life-after-death issues. During his near-death experience, Ned received a message from the angel Michael.
  • a story of woman on an operating table died went to heaven, saw her grandfather who was a Dr., told her what to tell the Dr’s operating, came back and told them and that saved her.
  • In 1st Sam. 28 Saul consults Samuel who died.
  • 1 Peter 4:5 says For this reason Christ died and returned to life, so that He might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.
  • Romans 14:9 New International Version (NIV) For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.        Luke 20:38 37 But in the account of the burning bush, even Moses showed that the dead rise, for he calls the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.’b 38He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”
  • From Emanuel Swedenborg who visited heaven and hell for 30 years believed every word in the Bible had a spiritual meaning said“The Lord created us to be capable of communicating with spirits and angels while still living in our bodies, as people actually did in the earliest times. After all, we are one with spirits and angels. In fact we ourselves are spirits clothed in flesh. He spent 29 years talking with Angels and demons in the spirit world in 1850’s and has some documented reports of telling people something someone in spirit told him that only the living person knew He says “On the grounds of all my experience, which has lasted for several years now, I can say with full confidence that in their form, angels are completely human. They have faces, eyes, ears, chests, arms, hands, and feet. They see each other, hear each other, and talk to each other. In short, they lack nothing that belongs to humans except that they are not clothed with a material body. (Heaven and Hell #75) All people on earth have the potential to become angels, regardless of where they are from or what religion they practice. Swedenborg emphasizes that we are all born for heaven; if we don’t end up there, it is because of the choices that we make in life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Karen used to say oh know what and I would say what and she would say I love you more than anything in the world. When she died I said I would never stop looking for her. She was seen by 4 people with abilities to see into the heavenly realm. A person in the Catholic clergy confirmed yes there are some who can see through the veil.The reasons I am 100% certain God wanted me to know Karen was okay:
  • God answered my request to stop drinking.
  • The Holy Spirit gave me incredible peace and love when I did not know who it was as mentioned elsewhere.
  • God gave me many signs including a message EITHER ONE THE OTHER and a dream of intertwined spirits in heaven when I repeated in my mind make our spirits one.
  • God said never will I leave or forsake you Hebrews 13:5 and He knew how much I loved Karen. I have had enough signs from God to convert the devil. I have received God’s Unconditional Love. I have gone from doubting Jesus to praising daily and reaching out to others, praying for strangers and I swear as God is my witness I would never have done that before 2015/16.
  • She is an angel – in 49 years she never said a negative thing about anyone and her last year could not say yes if she wanted water but out of the blue said I JUST LOVE PEOPLE.

One was a graduate of Westmont College, another one a graduate of Pacifica , studying Depth Psychology. Two said your wife and parents are here, it wasn’t 3 adults – maybe it’s your sister, uncle, mother, it was wife and parents!!. One said your wife is concerned about the pain going into your head (it was so bad I thought I would have a brain aneurysm playing handball – the woman could not know this!!! The last one said in 2-3 minutes do you know Barb she is with your wife. Barb is her mother who died 3 weeks before the meeting !!. She said Karen brought in Arch Angel Michael, she is with 4 angels and she is connected to The Godhead (I had to look that up). They told other things but the part about my parents, Barb, the angels made it undeniable proof of life going on. Barb said tell everyone to have Jesus save them, they said we just want you to know we are happy.

I’m pretty sure He made it possible for her to be seen to help with my grief just like what happened to Keith Moore. I had a dream, was taken to heaven, saw Karen sitting with others like she was waiting for me and the joy, love and gratitude to God was so great that I only saw her a few seconds but the joy lasted 20-30 minutes and I cried in gratitude.

Written in 2009 for grand kids to read someday. “She loved and loves everyone and was called miss congeniality at the racquetball tournaments before the movie came out. She has a beautiful warm smile and twinkling eyes that are engaging and you know immediately she is friendly. One of the girls taking care of her said Karen how do you keep your skin so beautiful and she had the softest face like an angel. Every single person on my family side accepted her like they had known her all their life.

To this day she is innocent and sweet and although has aged quite a bit still looks like an angel when sleeping.

We started dating when she was 16. After she graduated we talked about marriage and I said if she could save $1,000 dollars we could (she had a full time job) . If seems like a few weeks later she said guess what and I had no idea and she said I got it, still didn’t know – the $1,000. She was 19 and I was almost 21. I was going to night school and didn’t have any money so had to borrow money from my mother for the ring ($325 in 1965 money). I don’t think I repaid the loan.

Borrowed my parents brand new 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix for honeymoon at her grandparents’ house in Denver. Back to Des Moines and rented a nice upstairs 1 br unit in a house for $125 a month in the neighborhood we grew up. Went to Grand View Jr College and Drake University, worked at John Deere for $3.27 per hour and Karen worked at the phone company. Had 3 other jobs through school including back office of a stock brokerage firm and went back to Denver to try to get a job as a broker but people were being waiters while waiting for an opening as a broker.

She loved and enjoyed every minute and each day couldn’t wait to get started and was always busy.  Karen never said a negative thing about anyone, never complained, never down. She won 25 trophy’s playing racquetball, golfed a lot and got a hole in one, swam everyday in the summer, walked for 2-3 hours in the Colorado mountains on our month long vacations, enjoyed knitting, cross stitch, crossword puzzles, puzzles, games, played bridge, bowling, did our bookkeeping for 25 years, made a home, raised a family, excellent cook, enjoyed kidding and laughing. We still laugh at the time she couldn’t think of a comeback to something I said and said well poop on you buddy boy to me. Was best friend to both daughters. Basically kept her mind and body active all of her life.

Alzheimer’s has robbed her from enjoying her Grandchildren and robbed her Grandchildren of having the most incredible Grandmother ever. Now has Lety taking care of her, they walk and talk and laugh a lot, Lety holds her hand and tells her she loves her and Karen touches Lety’s face and sometimes is able to say the same. She still enjoys life but just not the same way. She loved people and one day in her last year out of the blue when it was hard for her to say much she said I just love people. One time at a racquetball tournament I overheard some women talking about how nice she was and one said everybody knows Karen Ziegler.

She was beautiful but more so inside and was a spark of joy and enthusiasm. Her eyes sparkled, she had a warm loving smile, kind considerate, never judged anyone, had a great sense of humor.

In high school we saw the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, after parked in my 57 Chevy convertible and the song Moon River came on and she said that can be our song. I have a music box and play it every day.  One time she left a slumber party and we drove around until 4 am and we parked to sleep and she said okay you get in the back seat of my 1947 4 door De Soto with a huge backseat and I thought she meant you first then she would follow but she didn’t. ”

Some of the things she said in her last years were heart -warming and funny and that was her personality. My favorite thing was to say something and have her chuckle.

One time our granddaughter Maggie at 2 said G seeet down and the name G stuck although later when she was 6 or 7 preferred grandma G. Karen always enjoyed a challenge and figuring things out. She would get 90% of the answers correct on Wheel of Fortune and 90% of the time before the players, it was really amazing. She always did the crossword puzzle in the paper each morning and went through a crossword book often. She would figure out how to do things on the computer. She would take the parts of the computer apart, pack it and set it back up on our trips to Colorado. I guess there were 5 pieces but when they first came out it seemed like a big thing to me to get it going again and not loose information. I sold computers for a couple years in 1972-3 for Honeywell and the smallest was $50,000 but never acquired an interest in how to operate one or how they worked, just the information from them.

She did all of our bookkeeping from 1982 to around 2002 which at the height was close to $1.3 million dollars of invoices to type, averaging $6,000 each so it was a lot of invoicing and checks to write to vendors and bookkeeping. She also typed all the letters and quotations. We did well in those days. I was selling steel (brokering) to manufacturing companies out of our house. We were selling to some large companies. I had done this for 20 years and I thought I could keep it going a few more years we could have a nice retirement and would of if we did not encounter the health problem.

I sold our first 57 Chevy convertible in 1965 and bought a Volks wagon to save on gas which was approaching .40/gallon from .25 per gallon two or three years earlier, college and a child coming so had to start cutting back – funny, that’s what I am doing again 51 years later. Actually not funny, sad again thinking we could be having our golden years, could have sold the house, furniture, other assets and spent time renting places in Santa Barbara, CA. Chesterton, IN, Steamboat Springs, CO., Ft. Meyers Beach, Fl., and we could have gone on for 30 years. Sometimes I see couples in their late 80’s and they seem to be down and so depressed so maybe this is best. Although Karen would have never been like that as she was full of energy, loved every minute of life, loved people.  Her smile said hi, her voice friendly, always doing or planning something. So be like Karen or anyone else you know that is warm, friendly, happy.  No one likes grumpy’s. I will tell you I am one but I am working on that and if you want to change you just can’t say ok I’ll be a better person you have to work at it.


Karen had two major injuries from racquetball that required shoulder replacements. The first time the Dr. at Mayo Clinic in Rochester was supposed to be the best in the country. He made her wait 3 years before the first surgery with the  theory that when she is 85 she may be too old for a surgery at that time. She was in tears from the pain daily. When doing research on Alzheimer’s I found that pain releases cortisol to fight the pain and also from the information I found it damages brain cells. However, it could never be proven that was the cause. I would guess this guy had made many people wait for this surgery due to his idiotic faulty idea. She never made it to 85 and died at 65.

God gave me dreams either one the other, intertwined spirits, said He gave me a supernatural love for Karen when reading the book Voice in the Night. Given the scripture when the dead die they do not marry but become like the angels in heaven Mark 12:25.

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is in your midst Luke 17:21, let your gentleness be evident for the Lord is near Phil. 4:5, Never will i leave you or forsake you Heb. 13:5, that is why God hears our prayers, why we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses Heb. 12:1, He will command His angels concerning you Psm 91:11. There is a veil that separates us and God has blessed a very few with abilities to see through. Karen has been seen 4 times and a woman in the clergy conformed yes some can see through the veil.

Joy in early 2012 said Karen is concerned with the pain in your neck and it is going into your head. Joy could not know this and I thought I would have a brain aneurysm playing handball.

She said there was something she wanted me to have at her parents and I said what and she said I would know it when I saw it. I went to Iowa a few months later from CA. and after looking through the only box from our house and finding nothing I said is there anything else around here. Karen’s mother Barb said there was something in the upstairs bedroom and when opening the drawer and seeing it it like finding a treasure. The afghan she worked on for a year when Alzheimer’s started is the most treasured thing I have.

Joy said was Karen whimsical and she was and liked to laugh. In Jr. high she hung a sign out the 2nd story window that said HELP. I have notes of many humorous things she said during her last years like boy she’s noisy about someone talking a lot and clapping at the black birds to stop it and answering questions on tv like a question what day is it and Karen saying today.

Hollister in 2012

I went to a talk about afterlife. I was the 4th one out of 25 people and 100 in the room and said your wife and parents are here, said someone had Alzheimer’s and your wife wants to thank you for staying with her all the way through. Said she was very busy and referred to mom and Karen, said dad brought in some German people and it became confusing but after the meeting the woman in front of me said they were her relatives although Hollister didn’t talk much about them. She saw a relative of the 25 people. I had never seen her before and to say my wife and parents are here stunned me.

Pam in 2012

In 2 minutes she Said your wife and parents are here before I even said who I hoped to see. She said Karen was the most beautiful spirit she has seen in 25 years of doing this.

Karen told about Rene’s addiction problems, had a hard time with her mother arguing a lot, I had asked if Karen had seen Rene and Pam shook her head no and her expression was sad. That was in 2012-13. the 2nd time maybe it was 2014 She knew Rod was very ill (almost died). Update on this; Karen has given me many dreams and in 2018 she brought Rene with a bright red top on (I think to get my attention). These dreams are normally of brighter colors than routine dreams.

Hollister in 9/19/16 Went to see Hollister . She was in the drive waiting because the place was hidden away. When I got inside and sat down she said I didn’t think there were two people coming but when you were walking down the drive there was a woman with her arm around yours. She did not know who I was coming to see. It was 30 mins. and should have been longer. Within 5 minutes she said Karen is with someone do you know Barb. She said did someone have Alzheimer’s. I didn’t ask more about Barb. She said you were together a long time and Karen thought you would always grow old together. I had given Karen’s name after she saw someone with me. Hollister asked if Karen had some trouble in her family when younger. I said it might have been her father and Hollister said yes. She said Karen likes what I am doing with my life and she likes what we do together (Hollister did not know what that was). I talk to her, visualize dancing, reach out to others to share stories.

Mentioned Karen likes the music Hollister inferred it meant the music of the universe (and Karen spelled she can hear the music of the planets).

She then started talking about Karen being very evolved into a higher consciousness (similar to what Pam Osley said 4 years ago). Said she likes to explore the universe which is something Karen told me 2 years ago about going to other places. Howard Storm saw Jesus and said you can explore heaven for eternity. She then said Karen brought in Arch Angel Michael.

Karen has said 2-3 times I got to talk to AA Michael and “isn’t it interesting I talk to Michael”. 9/20/16 I LOVED SEEING HOLLISTER

She said Karen has an expanded consciousness and is connected with higher spiritual beings and has a direct connection to “the Godhead” (God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit). She said she (Hollister) feels the angels came to get her when she died. She then said St. Francis is here (I have a small picture in a bowl so letting me know). I then told my story of communicating and Hollister has used a pendulum in the past and mentioned there are entities all around us. Spent time talking about divine love, gratitude, asking for truthful answers, higher spiritual beings, how she (Hollister) is always in a place of love and has classes teaching about it. I said is Karen still here – yes she isn’t leaving you. She said Karen always thought we would grow old together.

HOLLISTER IN SEPT 2018: She said there is a very beautiful woman sitting by you waiting very patiently. And exclaimed oh, she is so beautiful and later said she is very angelic and filled with love, joy, peace and is very kind (these are what I pray for i.e. vibrations of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  the fruits of The Holy Spirit which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness Galatians 5:22).

 Hollister said she is showing me she enjoyed nice clothes (recently talked to Karen about times of dressing up and going out to eat and that I liked buying clothes for her and have mentioned this several times).

Hollister said she felt very protected with you (I think it was our 25th anniversary she wrote a card mentioning something about this.

Hollister asked if I had a problem with alcohol and said your wife forgives you and wants you to know this and she likes the man you have become. She thanks you for taking care of her and knows you did all you could and wants you to forgive yourself (I still occasionally mention things I wish I would have done).

Said she was in a pleasant place with trees and enjoyed that place (Hollister meant when she died and Karen may have meant here or the place I visualize being with her), mentioned something about having a weak heart and said her heart gave out (this may have been saying I have a weak heart since I have had trouble).

She said Karen is showing me dancing and I said I visualize it and Hollister said “ that is a very real thing”.

Said she is showing me yellow roses –I just bought roses 2 days ago (I seldom buy roses, maybe 3-4 times in all these years.), she is showing me humming birds (didn’t think much about it then but next day realized neighbor has a feeder and I see hummingbirds 10 times a day.) Ten people were there and my time was cut very short. I had intended to ask what she looks like but forgot and realized of all 10 people no one asked that question. When Hollister started she said Arch Angel Michael is here and several angels.

I don’t know what I will do   to carry on dear.                                                                        I guess I’ll think about you,                                                                                                        almost every minute   all day long.                                                                                            and I don’t know what I will do,                                                                                                  when the day has gone away,                                                                                                      For the nights will be so lonely                                                                                                    as I lay there    all alone.                                                                                                              I’ll think about our happy times                                                                                                  and things you used   to say.

I’ll remember favorite places.                                                                                                      as the thoughts won’t go away.                                                                                                 I’ll remember holding you tight.                                                                                                 and think about you    darling all the night.                                                                              I’ll remember how you loved me.                                                                                                until the pain brings on the tears.                                                                                               And I’ll cry myself to sleep each night.                                                                                      until another day appears.                                                                                                          Then I’ll start all over.                                                                                                                  just trying to get through.                                                                                                            I’ll pray all the time dear.                                                                                                            this just can’t be true.                                                                                                                   For there has never been an angel.                                                                                             quite as sweet as you.                                                                                                                   God knows I’ll miss you.                                                                                                              every minute   every day,                                                                                                              and I only wish dear.                                                                                                                    that it was I going away.                                                                                                              I don’t want to think about you,                                                                                                  it doesn’t help much anymore.                                                                                                    But honey this is harder.                                                                                                             than anything I’ve done before.                                                                                                 

We all seem to understand,                                                                                                          our time here isn’t long,                                                                                                            But like so many others.                                                                                                          sometimes   we didn’t get along,                                                                                                    Now after  all these years.                                                                                                           our time together is almost gone.                                                                                               I’d give a million dollars.                                                                                                             to change what I’ve done wrong.                                                                                              We’ve always been   together.                                                                                                      this just must be some mistake,                                                                                                For without you honey.                                                                                                                      my heart will always ache.

I don’t know how I found.                                                                                                          the sweetest girl with all the class.                                                                                            I know God sent you for me.                                                                                                       but don’t why you’re goin back                                                                                                   I guess they need you.                                                                                                                   to show the angels how to act.

WHAT DID KAREN SAY TODAY – This is what Lety’s (Karen’s caretaker) daughters said at the dinner table. In Jr. high she held a sign out the 2nd floor window that said HELP.

Things she said   Isa wishes we had a movie of all these comments, they are funny, cute, sweet, heart warming and most of all they are Karen. Could have included a lot more if I wasn’t too tired to write them down.                                                               Asked Isa what color she was –Isabel said black Karen said I know that.                      Told Isa she loved her.                                                                                                                 In bed I heard her saying honey,  honey bunny,  honey bunny –which is what I called her plus funny honey.                                                                                                      In bed she said I love you, I asked who she was talking to and she said yourself;        I sneezed she said Jesus.   another time I said I sneezed honey and she said ok, don’t make that noise ok. I said ok she said ok;                                                                                Has been making a noise with her mouth like pssud.  She did it and I repeated it and she said you don’t need to do that I’ll do that part.                                                         Viagra Ad on tv said to consult your dr. if erection lasts more than 4 hrs and she said ok – 2 different times;                                                                                                           Doug on Doug and Kerrie show?  Said I love you to Kerrie  and  Karen said I love you;                                                                                                                                                   Started to prop her up for breakfast and she said let’s not go through that again ok. I said ok and she said ok.                                                                                                          After I take a shower around 4:30 I say Karen do you want to sit with me (she sits in a chair during day and moves to sofa)  she always says sure or oh yes , said I sure do one time . update: sometimes she says no;                                                                         She watches cartoons while having breakfast in bed and seems to really enjoy them.  We started this for nourishment before getting up.                                                 Walking with Isa and saw a man bent over doing gardening . she patted his head and said hi little man.                                                                                                                  I was using computer and she said can I have it and I said I’m using it and she said I just want to look something up.                                                                                                 I was getting a newspaper from the machine and heard her say we don’t have ANY money and looked up and 2 high school kids were walking by.                                    Lety said are you awake Karen, and she said yes but I can’t talk now – as if too busy    Always notices babies on tv and says oh look at her or him , sometimes come here or where are you.                                                                                                                                  Had a diarrhea problem and  while I was changing her she said I love you sweetie and moved forward to kiss me                                                                                    Went to macdonalds and when leaving said ok see you next time to the clerk.            Sometimes laughs at comments on tv as if she gets it and maybe she does as it is at appropriate time.                                                                                                                            Took Karen to a soccer game and they were yelling pass it or kick it and Karen said no throw it to me. Walking she patted lety’s hand and said thank you, thank you, thank you.                                                                                                                                      said to Leti  he’s the best man in the whole world – I was there.                                   Answered I love you in reply to me.  Another time said I know you do when I said I love you.                                                                                                                                           told Leti she was cute while touching her face.                                                                  Said to Isa come here little stinker girl while motioning with her finger.                        More responsive to tv the last several  days. saw a baby on tv and said oh come here.                                                                                                                                                Answers questions from tv with mostly yes, um huh, oh, occasionally oh my gosh at appropriate time.                                                                                                                          Putins name was mentioned on the news and she said Puetty. Has repeated several words from tv.                                                                                                                                        I Just said ready to go to bed Karen –no,  I said its time for bed and she said no its not.                                                                                                                                                 While walking told Leti no this way in going around a tree..                                                  -TV said Mom and Karen said MUM loudly, tv – are you serious and Karen said YES.

-Past few days almost too many responses to keep track of.                                                  went to dr. he looked in Karen’s eye’s with the light and said how are you and she said I’ll feel better if you leave me alone                                                                                combing hair and she said your mean which she has said to Isabel too , I said I’m mean?  She said yes and fat.                                                                                                      dr. talking to patient on tv said are you ok,   Karen said yes.

-guy on tv said what day is it and Karen said   today.                                                            I said are you ready for bed honey and she said ok you wait here honey.                       Tv  said    what were you going to ask her and Karen said I didn’t ask her  anything  Tv ad said what are going to do about it and Karen said I don’t know  -nothing.          I said Karen Karen, Karen  she said I didn’t do that  geminy.                                              Isa was laughing at something Karen did or said and Karen said ok 1,   5,-10  and clapped her hands as if to say stop now.                                                                                  Says oh there he is every time I walk in and I go to her and hug her.  Later in disease said there she is and there it is.                                                                             –   Lety said ok Karen come with me to get out of shower                                                       – said I don’t think so honey  She pats my hand, rubs my arm and kisses my hand when we are watching tv                                                                                                  -Walking in park and leti was talking a lot and Karen said boy shes noisy                        –isa was leaving and we both thought Karen said I’ll give you a hug.  Then kissed her.                                                                                                                                                  -took her to the store , a man was walking out and she said hi mister, mister, mister, mister, mister and then made a noise sticking her tongue out and blowing.                            -She said I think, I think ,I think, I think, I think , I think, -probably 10 times and then  something was said on tv and she said well I think.                                          -I was holding laptop and Karen touched it as she does a lot and said this is it and I said do you like this Karen –she said yes very very much definitely                               -walking with leti and one of the maintenance guys said hi Karen how are you. she said ok how are you                                                                                                                      –Leti said Karen do you want a drink and she said well I was waiting.   Another time said Karen are you full and she said yes, what do you think.                                   -veronica said Karen are you ready for a shower  she said no I’ll wait until tomorrow                                                                                                                                        -Lety and veronica were talking about Christmas and Karen tried to join in and would respond yes, or no.                                                                                                           Said to lety your so silly.                                                                                                              I told lety I didn’t know where something was and Karen said I don’t either.               Lety came in and Karen said oh there you are. Then said oh two of them meaning veronica and lety.                                                                                                                            LETY WAS sitting by Karen and Karen looked at her and said you know you and your sister  but didn’t finish  lety said do you like Christmas music and Karen said yes its very nice.  Said do you want to go to the park Karen –yep.

THE SADDEST PART OF ALZHEIMER’S  Has said 100 times I don’t know what I’m doing.      Said “I can’t talk”    “I don’t know who I am”                                                                “I want to tell you something”  then loses it – I feel she wants to tell me what is happening to her.                                                                                                                              July of 06 said I love you more than anything in the world but I don’t think I’ll be here.                                                                                                                                                            Another time she said    “she wants to cry”.  She hasn’t for 2 years so may have lost the emotion to cry.                                                                                                                               Sometimes says hi to tv news reporters when they give their name                                 Told Lety to stay here until tomorrow   -the bathroom                                                       watching tv with Isa and jenny craig commercial came on Karen looked at Isabel and said something like you should take that