Prayers work; I have 5-6 prayers I say before I start praying and seldom say this one from St. Maximillian Kolbe  ……… ….but many times those hearts find sudden peace and rest. Someone had prayed and Faith, a reaching hand, Took hold of God and brought Him down that day! So many hearts have need of prayer. Oh let us pray

When I said but many hearts have need of prayer I choked up and couldn’t continue for 2 minutes. After I finished praying almost 45 mins. later I forgot where it was I choked up and when I found it I choked up and cried again.

A couple weeks later I prayed at home for Louie to receive understanding the Holy Spirit is with him. Stopped to see him and asked if I could pray and told him he would feel now or laying in bed peace and love come over him from The Holy Spirit. His eyes widen and he said I felt it, I asked when he said a couple days ago.