Reaching Out

For the body of Christ reaching out to others pleases God and makes you feel like you are helping which you are. It isn’t so hard when the circumstances come up be prepared. You don’t need to do this if it makes you uncomfortable; this isn’t about making someone feel guilty if they don’t do it.

I have included this page primarily to remind me of results I have seen and to keep reaching out.

Scriptures say you are saved by grace not deeds. Just say a couple of things like nice day, lived here long, I’m from the Midwest, say I’m not being nosy or selling anything but do you have anyone with an addiction problem or having some difficulties. You could use my testimony and say a neighbor (Biblical neighbor) WENT THROUGH SOMETHING AND WROTE THIS TO HELP OTHERS – if you think your friend would like to read it. Or do you know anyone with a health problem MY NEIGHBOR HAD SOME HEALTH ISSUES AND SAYS THIS HELPED HIM (videos of healing) if you care to read it. Keep in mind you can call me friend as we are all friends and neighbors in Christ.

I have put these up primarily for me to read and renew my enthusiasm.

  • Pro 11/25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed

Since all Christians know God is aware of everything we do as God is my witness nothing here is made up or exaggerated. As far as I know two people were helped here – one from suicide and one stopped drinking and said he felt great. This isn’t about boasting as I am saved by Grace not by works Eph. 2:8-9. I might add you also hear some interesting stories.

3/20/19 sat next to john who’s son plays for sb jv volley ball. After a while I said I have a question and I’m not judging you by asking but are you a Christian he said yes but I don’t follow it or something like that. I said can I give you a paper about the Holy Spirit and he said yes, I said do you know anyone with an addiction problem –y, step son. Does he want to stop –y, told him my story and gave God’s testimony and he said is your number here. I said have you lost anyone recently and he said 3 days ago, gave him story of life going on.

3/20/19 Went out, asked Alice if she knew any Christians and said yes, gave her the papers of The Holy Spirit and greatest Discovery, ask if she knew anyone with an addiction problem said yes and gave her paper on God’s testimony

3/17/19  HE PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH I asked clerk at smart and final if she would like to read a story and I think before she said yes before she even saw what it was about and said I love those stories. She said she was a new believer and had been addicted and oppressed before she even knew it. I said it is amazing that we don’t even know we are oppressed and she said yes it is. She is in her late 20’s This is something I say every day I pray to ask God to save the children who have been oppressed and led astray.

3/11/19 HE PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH  picked up food from Jen. She said I have to go up and get my Christian tablecloth and I thought somebody put that word in her mouth for me to share something I worked on for 2 days WE ALWAYS BLAME GOD. She was preoccupied with dinner for vb team tonight so didn’t say anything. She meant to say her Christmas table cloth.

HE PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH  Went to the bank to deposit a check and had my bill fold open and the clerk saw the picture of Karen that says Angel of God my guardian dear and made a comment and I don’t recall what she said and I showed her the other side with Jesus and told her about the girl who painted it and Karen being my guardian angel. She said I love those stories and said I have goose bumps which is what the woman said at the YMCA four years ago. I gave her story of life going on, the greatest discovery, videos.

2/25/19 went to vets clinic to get snack foods for the Elks. Afterward sat outside. Talked to Andy from Mn. said he has gotten away from religion because of the way his parents were too religeous. Talked a little and asked if I could pray and he said yes. After told him God loves him as much as Billy Graham Andy said as a child they stayed in Billy graham’s house in Mn. Told a little of my story and gave him papers on the Holy Spirit and healing videos and I said I’m not special and he said yes you are and was thankful I reintroduced him to believing and asked where I went to church.

Richard came by and had a couple of comments about nice weather and he said he was going to check in and come and sit in the sun. He was from Mn. but left 60 yrs ago. Had a short conversation and I said something like I’m not selling anything but are you a Christian and he said yes but he feels God has turned his back. We talked for 10 mins and he gets the dreams. I told him my experience and the solution is to praise God, Jesus, The Holy Spirt and told him God would never turn his back on you it is the enemy and told him of feeling God’s love for us and how to find it. He told of being thrown 10 ft out of his bed by something evil and has had a spine problem since then. I gave him paper on videos, God’s testimony, the Holy Spirit, and had prayed for him and told him to call. Told him story about Tom and Jesus pulling the spirit of oppression from Tom. During our talk he shook my hand and we hugged twice and he had a smile on his face after I prayed and as he left.  I told him God led him here and I was waiting for him he said I know He did. I was there waiting for someone to come along to talk to. He said he was going to read the papers about finding God’s love and ask for healing after watching videos.

2/20/19 took snacks to Louie. Prayed the Holy Spirit prayer for him and said you will feel love come over you now or when you are laying in bed you will feel peace come to you. He smiled and said I felt that, I said when and he said a couple of days ago. 2-3 days ago he sent a text saying brother stay in the Holy Spirit.

2/7/19 I went to the bridge to nowhere as it is called over the 154 in Santa Barbara to pray. As I was praying a young man in his 20’s drove up, got out of his pick up with a remote control car. I thought it would be a conversation starter and stopped praying and talked to him 2-3 minutes. I wasn’t sure what I would say and I had the paper about the Holy Spirit in my hand but said do you have any friends with an addiction problem and he said I do. I asked if he wanted to stop and he said yes and prayed for Jesus to remove the spirit of addiction. Told him the story of being here and a man fell out of his pick up and was so drunk he could tell us where he lived. Elijah is his name and he said it is interesting I walked up to him because he was setting home wondering where to go and he thought he would go to the bridge to no where. He thanked me for approaching him and praying for him. he said just a couple of weeks ago he met an old friend who had talked to him about church and he would start going.

2/9/19 talked to Sam at the Elks waiting for wood. I said I’m not judging you but are you a Christian –said it’s okay if you’re not. He said he wasn’t raised in a religious house and wasn’t sure. I told him story of liking in the mirror before I thought God was on this earth. I had one o0f the papers out and he said I might read it and mentioned he had a daughter and I guess he was saying maybe for her. Gave him story of Holy Spirit, videos of healing, and another paper and he thanked me.

Later saw 2 men cooking for an event and went to talk to them about the Holy Spirit and the Greatest Discovery, as I was leaving I said do you know anyone with an addiction problem and one said my sister in law.

2/1/19 Went to elks to give blood and said would anyone in there be helped –y. talked to 2 women in their 40’s separately. One had an uncle who drank too much and trying to stop and thought he might read God’s testimony, other one had an ex husband she was friendly with who had been addicted to meth, telling one about Karen and life going on I choked up but not to the point of crying but thought it was odd but I had mentioned Karen had the fruit of the Holy Spirit ,the woman said her mother had lost several friends and would like it. One knew an unbeliever on the fence about God and I gave her the paper for unbelievers. Gave them videos of healing

8 pm Stopped to give socks to a woman who sits at the bus stop day and night. She said her socks got wet today. Not about me but carry snacks, socks, water or something to give out when you feel drawn to help.

1/15/19  Lighthouse Mexico Church of God 11 South Jefferson Street Mexico, NY 13114 and as I was writing sometimes I cry writing things like this and cried writing it and held the pendulum and it went up and down as in saying yes as has happened before.

1/15/19 prayed for someone yesterday and had a very rewarding experience. I have seen John at the Foodbank and he never smiles but once in awhile grins for a few seconds. He walks then stops and looks down for several minutes then walks again. I have seen 3 people do this including Wendy from a few months ago. I pulled into a parking lot on Hollister to look up something and out of the corner of my eye saw someone standing and continued to stand there. After 5-6 I got out of my car and was going to ask if I could pray for them and realized it was John looking down. Asked how he was doing and if I could pray for him. After a couple of minutes he smiled for 2-3 minutes and you could see a change on his face and I laughed with joy that he was helped.

2 hrs later prayed for Jerry at Trader Joe’s who was homeless, lost his wife 5 years ago and was a believer in Jesus and thought it was the devil causing this, but an unrewarding experience although he called me an angel twice for trying to help him and he said he was overcome with hopelessness and kept crying. I was very puzzled why he wasn’t helped at the time. I went into the store and when I came back 10 minutes later he was gone so something happened.

11/16/18 saw a homeless man laying on the ground missing one shoe and socks, gave him 2 shirts, water and socks I had in the car. When I went up to him he seemed a little put off, he said God Bless you and thank you and seemed thankful.

10/20/18 Later stopped at a baseball game and went to sit in back of a young couple Danielle and Joey in their early 20’s, one thing led to another and they are both in an AA group in Montecito that has 40-50 people in it. told them about God’s love and Danielle said her mother felt that I gave them 4 papers and they were both grateful.

10/21/18  went to stand down in santa maria yesterday and gave Holy Spirit story to 25 people and talked to a guy who I thought was Muslim, said I’m not judging you but are you Christian, he said im not muslim I’m from the original tribe of Israel I SAID THIS IS ABOUT THE Holy Spirit and he said the Hebrew name for The Holy Spirit ruach ha-kodesh  . told him a little of my story and he said I can see a glow about you. I said it’s not me it’s Jesus. This is the 4-5th time someone said that.

10/24/18 went to foodbank, gave papers to 2 people (doubt if they will be helped), later at a place I go to pray a police car came up and was there 20 mins. or so and I gave him God’s testimony, be an over comer and asked if he had lost a loved one and he said yes so story of life going on, never saw a police car there before so I think he will find something helpful in the papers.

Came home – dogs just looked at me –no barking.

10/15/18 Saw John in his late 20’s asked if family or friends had any illness, he said not now his father died in may, gave him the paper about life going on and he was grateful. Talked about church which I think he brought up (said his mother goes but he has not found a church). Told him several things in the papers and he was impressed. Gave him papers on healing, God’s testimony, life going on.

10/12/18 had a good day, woman at blood drive asked about my ring, told her story of Karen buying it after we suspected Jen threw it in the stool when she was 2. Mentioned Karen led me to Jesus, said she lost her mother 2 yrs ago and her dad was having a hard time. Gave her story about the Holy Spirit and life going on and told her about Karen being seen and she was touched and thanked me for the pleasant information.

Bought yellow flowers here Saw a woman at trader joes and she commented about The Holy Spirit shirt, gave her 2 papers and ask if anyone had an addiction problem and she said her friends son and she was going to give God’s testimony to the mother.

At the food bank Thursday saw a guy with tatoo’s all over arms and neck, asked if he was a believer and he said yes and gave him papers about The Holy Spirit and God’s testimony, he said awesome and God Bless you, Saw Bruce who is in his late 30’s and raising 5 children plus works for an agency that helps underprivileged children. Seemed very grateful.

– prayed for Robert – he could barely walk due to hip problems. No results then but Karen said they would help him so hope to see him soon. Told my story about Jesus and it really felt good but hard to explain the feeling. He thanked me for reaching out to him. Prayed for a dog 2-3 days ago and had same feeling and at that time I laughed 3-4 times

-Met Kelly at the Y, had planned to give her information about people being healed so she could pass it to anyone it might help. Conversation led to me telling about Karen and what happened. She said something was telling her to ask if I could pray for her son . I told her Jesus hears and the angels hear. She said she had a feeling and goose bumps came over her when I said that.

– Kasey,  went to wash feet of homeless. I’m not sure of the significance of this other than Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. I did it to feel humble. I sat there for 10 mins and a young woman came and I talked to her, she seemed very bright and I told her (Kaci) she should go back to school, talked for 5-6 minutes and I really had compassion for her. Unfortunately my compassion is not for everyone yet but I did have it for several people. When she got up to leave she had a retractable white cane. Someone brought her over so I didn’t notice it earlier. I’m still left disappointed about what I can do or say. I saw a young man by himself and helped him with new shoes and he seemed stressed and worried. I went back to him 5-10 mins. Later and asked if he was stressed out and he was (it was obvious not my insight)  told him my story and about the Holy Spirit. He seemed genuinely grateful and shook my hand 4 times and touched his heart I guess meaning he feels something. he was 19-20 and looked like he could be on a college football team

-Mayona, went to hope ranch area to read, and a car parked in front of me  I got out of the car and said hi, I’m not selling anything but has someone you know lost a loved one – yes she lost someone and was about to lose her father. Mayona and she lives in a guest house in Hope Ranch – could have been at her parents or a child’s house she is in her late 50-s early 60’s. she said thank you for being so courageous. I had mentioned this story led me to Jesus. She said something about Father somebody a Jesuit Priest . Said she thought about volunteering at hospice and we talked about music and that it stimulates memories which was something I regretted not doing. She said thank you for sharing.

-Saw Tom and his wife outside Von’s and mentioned our story but didn’t have a copy and about God answering my prayer to stop drinking. They said their son has been sober 4 years so gave my testimony (son must be around 55-60).

-Sitting at the beach a couple came and sat next to me, she looked Asian and he looked Middle Eastern   I said hi and he did but wasn’t sure how well they spoke English. Brian came by and we talked about Del who I think only has a short time left. Brian said none of us get out alive and they both laughed a little. Took our story out and told them a little and asked if they were Christian –he was so I said this led me to Jesus and I praise Him several times a day and there are signs of God for everyone.  She said why do you keep it in your pocket, I said I like to find a couple people each day to share it with and gave them my testimony in case they know anyone with an addiction problem. He said something about addictions and I said they are not from God which is what he was saying. Left and went back to give the page of healing and he was interested in that. Christian and Joy they both said bless you.

Leaving cemetery on Memorial Day for Vets saw a man standing by a grave smoking a cigar, asked if he was still suffering and he said yes, lost his son 4 years ago. I asked if suicide –yes. Told him what Hollister said and the website about ChannelingErik and that they are happy and all they want is for us to be happy and told him some of our story. I mentioned I used to smoke cigars and he said it was something he and his son did. He thanked me twice during the talk and at the end and remembered my name from the introduction.

Mathew, Started leaving again and saw a tall handsome young man with a long black coat and cowboy hat and he looked like he could have been a country singer. Mathew said he was there for his grandparents and mother. Talked about his family a little, and he went to the people who put flags on vets graves last year and told them that his grandparents should have a flag and why.  I told him about our story (medium seeing Barb) and asked if he would like to read it and he said yes. He said YELLOW FLOWERS and I said what and he said he is getting yellow flowers and that he has been told he is somewhat of a medium. I buy yellow flowers for Karen and almost always have them. We shook hands 3 times during this exchange and he initiated each one. This was another reminder that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses and I am convinced one of my angels is my wife.

Virginia and Ray, saw a couple sitting in a car at the park and they looked so sad/hopeless I didn’t think there was anything I could say to help them. Walked past going to the rest room, came out and still wondering, stood there a minute waiting for a feeling but it didn’t come. Walked over and said hi, not sure how the conversation got started but I know I mentioned our story, Virginia said she must have been an angel and she loves real life stories. They have been living in their car for over a year, in their 70’s and Ray may be close to 80-. He said they get upset with each other. Two daughters here, one married but they are on welfare. They have social security, and he has a veterans pension (probably make $45,000) and they have applied for help with housing veterans admin. Not sure where money goes but guessing to help kids. He has a back injury from service and was in hospital with a lung problem. He had had a problem with drugs and she had a problem with alcohol years ago. I walked to the passenger side and prayed for Ray’s back and lungs, He said he didn’t feel any change. They were grateful for the story, the healing and my testimony. I left and walking to my car I was in a stupor and numb from realizing they don’t have a lot of hope for improvement. Their next 3)   step was to move to Lompoc and hope to find housing but still have health issues.  A young man in his 20’s was sitting by my car and said something and I said how you doing, he left and walking away said something like have a good day but not that. For some reason it felt like the time a homeless person prayed for Louie and said God bless you to me ( I may have read too much into it but will see if it happens more as it seemed unusual after he had left to say something).

Mark, Went to the beach, talked to Mark about the dead seal on the beach and started to walk away, then said has a family member or friend lost a loved one they are having a hard time with. He said his wife lost her mother and he is trying to get her to go to a grief counselor. Told him about a medium and he said that was interesting as recently a medium they saw at an event told his wife there were angels around her so he thought our story could help.

-At the beach saw a man by himself and talked to him a little, he lost all his family to alcoholism, didn’t ask details but he said he had no one left. I was at a loss for what to do or say. I left paper on undeniable truth life goes on as we are spirits and my testimony and said God Bless you. THIS WAS A REMINDER TO BE PREPARED.

– A young Mexican man was playing soccer with his 4 y/o son, the son stopped and looked at me (10 ft away) and smiled for 15-20 seconds, I thought he may have seen angels around me as it was unusual how he stopped playing to look. I walked over and put my hand out for him to touch for high 5, asked his father if he spoke English and said a little. I gave my testimony with $10 in it and said maybe someone could read it.

Spencer, Cleaning my car and watching 2 men at picnic table talking and one guy had a cane. Went over and one guy was leaving and when I asked if they had lost a loved one then told I wrote a story the guy leaving said he would like to read it. Spencer with the leg problem said his son in law was in the hospital about to die from cancer and they had prayed for him a couple of days ago. His son in law had been the stage manager for dancing with the stars and was 61 and had been addicted to prescription drugs. Said they were going back down, gave him all 3 papers i have written. He said I should join Believers Edge and they meet once a week downtown and he told about 2 people who had died recently and one was either an assistant or worked with John Wooden the BB coach for UCLA. Another reminder for me we all die do anything you can while here.

Steve, After food bank went to beach. Getting out of car a guy walked by, asked if family or friend had lost a loved one – yes a friend’s wife died 2 yrs ago. Told him our story and thought it might help others. He asked something like what keeps you going – told him about God answering my prayer to stop drinking and about Jesus, said he has always had a good faith he was Jewish but his friend isn’t so he said he will give him the story. Steve from Grover Beach, age 76. his wife called and had to go and he said thank you young man.

-A couple came by asked if they or a friend had lost a loved one – no, said I wrote a short story to help others, she said she would be happy to hear it. I gave it to her and she asked if she could share it. talked about Jesus, couple more comments, she gave me a hug he shook my hand and said keep up the good work.

Stopped at grocery store, a man coming out looked very gloomy like the old people I have seen often at the store. I said how are you doing today, he said ok if I didn’t have this leg problem. I went to my car and got healing videos paper and went to talk to him as he was getting in car. Told him about the videos and he said he could watch them. I said have you or a friend lost a loved one he said all the time so gave him our story and told him this should help in dealing with it, he had smiled twice while we were talking. I have mentioned many times about how unhappy older people seem to be at the store and I have tried to approach 2-3,

Aaron, approached a guy in a car  – said I don’t want to be nosy but has anyone in your family or a friend lost a loved one – yes, grand mother. Told him a little of our story and gave a copy and started talking about religion after a few comments – Aaron, he said it is a daily battle to overcome your ego and the thoughts it gives you. this is a different understanding than what I have gone through with the devil but he did say daily battle so it isn’t just me which I didn’t really think it was.  Mentioned the church he goes to in ventura and asked where I went. He mentioned how some Christians are full of hate and judging (the type of church where I had the problem). Ref. Galatians 5:15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.  He was mid 40’s and was baptized 10 years ago in aspen. I asked if anyone had any addiction problems and a friend has a meth problem, another has alcohol so gave my testimony and he would give it to them but thought they were beyond help. As we were finishing, the car drove by I had asked about a loved one before Aaron’s and waved. He reached out to shake hands 3 times during our talk.

-stopped at hendrys beach, saw a woman with a cane on a bench, looked sad. Went back to car to get note of healing and  undeniable proof. Told her I have watched 400 hrs of healing and she might enjoy watching. Acted interested, I said do you have a friend or family member who lost a loved one. She said she lost her husband 9 mo’s ago, married 26 years. Her 1st husband was horrible and she said she would never marry again. Died of cancer in hospital and nurse took oxygen out too soon and Gloria said she could not forgive her, has 6 grown children, she is a cpa, former catholic and goes to  church sometimes. Talked about trump and all the hate there is today and you can’t even talk about politics in public. Talked for 15 mins On leaving I said do you know anyone with an addiction problem and she said yes I might so gave her my testimony.

– hrs later saw a couple at shoreline and she had an obvious problem. Asked if they had 2 minutes, said ok, told them about God hearing my request to stop drinking, watching healings, asked if she had a hip problem (it was Scoliosis) a couple more things, gave her sheet about healing in the name of Jesus and asked if she would like me to pray and she said no thank you. I said ok God bless you. left to finish nap, ten minutes into the nap I had a flash of me handing her the paper and her being healed. A similar thing happened several weeks ago when I touched the hands of two people at a volleyball game and asleep had a similar flash.

-heard God, saw Mundo pull in, back of his pick up had a sticker Love God, God Loves. I told him my story of God answering my prayer. He said he had been an alcoholic and went to some type of recovery for 3 months where they read the bible every day, prayed for 1 hr some other things (he was an alcoholic for 17 years) that was 17 years ago and he started drinking again some time ago. He was from Mexico, spoke good English but a little hard to understand some of it. He told when his wife was pregnant she had a bleeding problem all the time but dr’s couldn’t do anything and always sent her home. Their son was born with a few health issues including asthma and they had to take turns staying up all night to make sure he didn’t wind up flat on his back because he would stop breathing. He called his brother in Tijuana to have a family dr. come to his brothers house so Mundo could talk to him about medicine and he made plans to go to Tijuana to get some. He told his wife at 3 am he was going to Tijuana for the medicine. As he was about to get in his car he heard a voice in his mind say WHERE ARE YOU GOING DON’T YOU TRUST ME. They had prayed for healing for months and had taken his son to several revival type healings. Mundo said he believed some are anointed or blessed for healings. He went back inside, his wife asked what happened and he said God is going to heal him. On the 3rd night he was healed of asthma and what ever else he had. The son is now 22 in the Air Force, dating a Pastor’s daughter. However, Mundo is drinking a little, sounded like they may be separated. He said he needs to get back to church and the bible. I told him we don’t have long here and we are instruments for Jesus. He said yes he knows so maybe our talk was his push to go back. Gave him our story and healing in the name of Jesus (I had given this to him before he told me his story.)

– Later saw a young man (Travis) and asked about his dog, couple of other comments and I mentioned something about signs from God, he made a comment about Jesus and I told him a little of my testimony and gave it to him. He hugged me and made a comment about God’s love.

-Tim and Hector, went to Goleta beach, back from mens room, car next to mine was pretty beat up, guy in passenger side had dirty clothes, needed a lot of dental work. I said since you’re here let me tell you a story and told a little of my testimony. He said he knows a couple of guys who could use that and had asked 2-3 questions and said something like you were blessed, leaving he said God bless you or God blessed you twice and seemed very interested in what I said. Shook hands with them Tim and Hector and gave our story. 10 minutes later I felt very humble and cried a little and thought it seemed like a test because he said God Bless you like when the guy prayed for protection for Louie and said God Bless you to me.  Makes me wonder if there are angels among us.

Steve, angels led him to me. Went to movie, looked for someone to say something to. A guy walked by, looked like a gang person (shaved head, tattoos, moustache)  and I said out loud if he comes back I will say something to him.  that was 4 30, around 8pm just before I was going to leave he was explaining why he went inside the movie and came back (something about the woman inside). When he came back I said something happened to me that I like to share because it might help you or someone you know. I had a very hard time understanding him as he searched for the right words to use. In 2-3 minutes of starting to read he choked up and tears came. I prayed for Holy Spirit to bring peace. He started talking about his father who apparently used heroin and they had 5-6 fist fights and he told his mother he would not fight back again. He said his father died last year. He said he was 47, had a grandchild or 2, and a son 17 and 10, he doesn’t communicate with some family members but I couldn’t tell who or why. He talked about forgiving people who borrow and don’t pay back (odd there is a scripture about this) I asked if he wanted to go to the movie Zoo keepers Wife. Before the movie he was telling me something about evil spirits/devil but I couldn’t figure out if it was him or someone else. I think he was saying he can see them in people as he doesn’t look people in the eyes. After the movie he mentioned he had two domestic violence charges but years ago and that they are under control and he walks away from situations. He told something about his girl friend and sounded like she has anger problems. He showed me several texts from her since we met at 4 30 and a couple said F Y. he mentioned crystal meth and sounded like she must be on it from the texts. Told him about the church I go to and the pastors are able to remove demons ( seemed like that was 5) a problem for him or someone but I couldn’t tell for sure). Name is Steve, and mentioned girlfriend’s name. I pointed out all he needed to know to deal with evil spirits and to remove them from her. At the end he said thanks for taking the time. This was a curious meeting, early in our talk he mentioned something like he gets feelings in his stomach when evil is around, or he has seen evil in houses and he can’t be around a lot of people, he mentioned at the outset that he walks with his head down because he doesn’t want to look in peoples eyes but I wasn’t sure what he meant and he mentioned my sun glasses and I took them off. I wanted to help more but had a hard time communicating. I wanted to command several types of spirits to go but we were in public. I asked how he felt, expecting him to say at peace but he said relieved which I guess is about the same. I really think the angels sent him back out to me to help him.  UPDATE HE HAS CONTACTED ME TO GET TOGETHER BUT HAVE HAVEN’T YET DUE TO TIMES.

– yesterday at the foodbank a young man around 22- 25 (may have been a ucsb student) talked about road rage as the reason he can’t live in LA., i.e. he has road rage. I gave him my testimony and told him to read it today and tomorrow. He later said are you a friend of Bill’s and it occurred to me later this is who started AA. He said he was introduced at a young age so he has already been to AA but I’m guessing he didn’t continue so hopefully the testimony is a wake up call for him.

John, Went out about 10, at park saw a guy with a cane who seemed too grumpy to try to talk to. Watched a little while then said can I tell you a short story, he said sure, told him about God answering my prayer to stop drinking and God hears us and wants us healed, he said he was a Christian, I asked and he said ok to pray for him. I did and he said he felt better but he said he is on so much medication that it could be from that. He thought he knew about Pastor Rick. Told about his life of drugs, he was adopted and his sister found him on his 70th birthday and he had never seen her but she knew he existed. We had a good conversation for awhile and he hugged me at the end. Gave him our story and testimony. He lost his wife to alcoholism. His sister oversaw helping 1,000 disabled children in NY, took in a few, taught a blind child to read Braille and several other very compassionate helping things. Name is John

yesterday said I’m just going to take a break for a couple of days, meaning not read, talk, ask questions. Very tired today until 4 pm, went to Trader Joes, turned from getting something and saw a woman in a wheel chair and looked like her husband pushing her. It was like I was attracted to her – only 4-5 ft away and put my hand on her shoulder and smiled and she smiled and was happy, I said are you having a good day and she tried to laugh.  I could’t tell what illness she has unless lou Gehrig disease. It seemed like her husband reached for my hand the same time I reached for his. It was a feeling I haven’t had often and I really felt like it was Jesus doing it.

maybe God kept him over-The day before I met a vet at the park in summerland where I went to have breakfast with Larry. He was hitchhiking back to W. Virginia. We had a long talk and I told him about the healing and prayed for healing but no results. He was aware of these and had seen it done and told his story of Jesus saving him 30 years ago but he didn’t pursue Jesus and has had doubts .i told him about God in my life and encouraged him to find someone to heal him when he gets back. He said maybe that was the reason God kept him here in the park to talk with me. We shook hands 3-4 times and he seemed grateful.

healed -I fell into a steel rack at the food bank backward onto my shoulder with rotator cuff tear and it was pretty painful and thought I may have done more damage prayed and woke up on 5/19 and it is 80% better – little pain one area). This may reveal something about healing videos. It may be that some healing are done by angels until a person fully believes Jesus is doing it. In a video of someone who talks to demons he said angels love to remove demons. Weeks later after this I found another reference about angels helping.  6/5/17 FOUND A CONFIRMATION ABOUT ANGELS DOING THE WORK  Angels (07 November 2010)  talks about angels doing the work and we are not alone. A little deep to listen to. He says angels have a sense of humor.

angels among us -went with  Louie at wilbridge to feed homeless. He told me one of the women he gives the snacks to told him she was cold, hungry, hopeless and found one of the honey oat bars and it save her life (figuratively) i.e. got her through the night. The last guy came up to Louie and put both hands on his head and said something in Spanish and then put his hand on me. I said God Bless you and he said the same very clearly.  I asked what he said when we left Louie said it was a prayer of blessing and protection. Louie had never seen him before and I told Louie he (the one that prayed) knows something meaning spiritual. When he came up he came with a purpose and directly to Louie and prayed for 2 mins. In Spanish.  Hebrews 13:2  Do not neglect to show kindness to strangers; for, in this way, some, without knowing it, have had angels as their guests

back healed, hurt my back at the elks yesterday and in a lot of pain and could not stand up without putting my hands on my knee and getting up slowly and thought I would need to call chiropractor tomorrow.  tired, 2 naps today, prayed  for healing, commanded pain to leave, vertebrae to align. Took 2nd nap and got up and 90% of pain was gone and I could stand up without hesitating and was not groggy as you might be taking 2 naps.

oppression – at showers of blessings i prayed for homeless person being oppressed and it stopped. He Was yelling (loud)  get out of my f’ing life for 15 mins. I stood 20’ away and looked at him and repeated I command any demon, devil evil spirit, foul spirit of satan out of him now and it stopped in 2 minutes and 20 mins later he was helping put things away for the showers of blessings. I don’t know how this works but I saw a video saying Angels love to cast out demons so maybe we have to say/command this. Steve (Peace) Harmon talks to demons.

– driving I saw an older (80’S) woman cross the street in front of me and look and I smiled and she looked again and I smiled and the emotion was so remarkable I said something like how did that happen or who did that, MEANING Jesus or The Holy Spirit.

he just bought a bible. dropped Will off at home, started to beach, at coffee shop realized didn’t have laptop, I  went back, saw a man in a wheel chair struggling, went around corner and parked, walked up to him and asked if he needed any help, said he was going to bus stop, I said you know something, I just accepted Jesus 3 years ago and someone you may not know loves us more than we know and He said to help the poor so you are loved and you can receive peace , he picked up a bible by his side and said he just bought the bible for $1.00. We talked a little, he was from ohio but went to school in CA. his face was beat up and looked like he fell out of his wheel chair. Told him about showers of blessings which he didn’t know about and was grateful. Said someone stole his belongings and had to put his head down his shirt to keep warm. I went to rite aid and bought a shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, socks, shorts. Took it back and left before he looked at it. (he was trying to read something in a notebook). it didn’t make me feel good because it was so little to do to help him (so it wasn’t a pride thing for me which is good) but I know he was grateful. I actually wondered if that was all planned for me. I know that sounds crazy but based on the bazaar coincidences I’ve seen and have happen who knows, i.e. I never forget the laptop. Something interesting is that just this morning I was going to look up scriptures about helping the poor .

even the rich have trouble. Brian and Miguel, in sauna at the Y 2 guys were talking about stock market. One said I have clients who are millionaires and are not happy (he may have said billionaires). After several minutes there was a break (I had made a few comments also) I said I have a story for your clients and told about alcoholism, accepting Jesus at 70, dealing with the devil, God saying do you love me, etc. I said I wrote a testimony. Brian with the clients said I have a friend with an addiction problem and was going to get his card for me. I said I have it in my pants and Brian asked if I could leave it in locker 2. Miguel the other guy said my son has a problem and asked if I could leave one in locker 3. I had also talked about the healings and the story of the minister getting an 18 digit number and the amazing miracles. Both said they would like to know about that I left the 3 stories with Brian and testimony with Miguel.

suffering for Jesus .John, saw a man walking without shoes. I said should I give him my shoes and went to talk to him, asked what happened, he was homeless and said a guy stole everything. Gave him my shoes and they fit. Name is John and 55, had a wife and son but homeless for several years, asked what happened and said he was stupid or did something stupid. Said we all do stupid things. He had been a ceramic tile layer apparently several years ago which is probably a $35 an hour job now but he said no work around here. From his appearance I don’t know how he could even go apply for a job. In the course of our conversation he said he has not suffered for Jesus enough. I told him Jesus does not want you to suffer He loves you more than you know. I prayed for him and the prayer felt good as in not all me. After he sat there on the sidewalk a little and I asked how he felt He said he knows Jesus ( I don’t think he had a revelation right that moment but maybe) and thanked me for telling him Jesus loves him and he thanked me for taking the time to pray for him and shook my hand 3 times. I gave him my testimony and a little money and left.  I went home to get shoes and when I walked in I said Karen if Jesus wanted me to do that play one note on the music box – it started with 2-3 notes and played for 25 seconds and I fell to my knees and cried for 5 minutes and was so humbled by the experience of knowing it was Jesus I didn’t say anything for an hour.

– coming home got off the exit, saw a homeless person at the stop and there is always one there but on the opposite side. It was a woman in her late 50’s maybe with a sign that said smile. I don’t recall seeing a woman there before. I smiled and waved and she saw me and waved. I drove a mile then pulled over and went back and maybe 5 minutes had passed but she was gone. Came home, sat in chair to take a nap and prayed for her, and for her teeth as she was missing 2 front teeth. I felt a lot of compassion and cried for her a little, laying there to sleep I felt vibrations go through me and felt as if something good happened to her. This was very similar to the young man on the motor cycle I prayed for several weeks ago.

the healing paper.  buying gas asked a girl next to me if anyone had health issues, gave her sheet on healing and pointed out The Rock Church and I think she said her father in law went there and was excited about the paper as she has asthma and would share it with others.

be humble–  Watching Christian  tv program about being humble, a little later  Brian Houston came on and he said something like have you accepted Jesus into your heart and you just know AND AT THAT VERY MOMENT AN EMOTION OF INCREDIBLE LOVE CAME OVER ME AND I PUT THE LAPTOP DOWN, TURNED THE TV DOWN AND SAT IN A CHAIR AND CRIED AND KNEW THIS WAS THE HOLY SPIRIT OR JESUS. It came from my heart and lasted several minutes .

 – Tv program last night by Darren Wilson (not sure title of program but he has done many shows about God doing things).  Randy Clark anointed a young couple in their mid 30’s, he was a VP at a bank, had 3 children, they both either heard or felt God wanted them to go to China and start and orphanage. He quit his job and they moved to china not knowing the language or anyone. The apartment they found was dirty and had rats in the building. The couple said the love they had for children was as if God loved them and the people filming said they had never experienced anything like the love they felt from the couple. They showed deformed children and a brain dead baby who was sent somewhere in a box without any air to breath. The wife said she held children as they died. They showed the young children who were abandoned, some deformed and the people filming this said they have never felt any love from anyone like this couple has and the film crew said it was like being around Jesus just being in their presence.  it was an amazing story of knowing God wants someone to help the helpless.

Stuart,  Coming home saw a man sitting beside the road and I had given him bars last night. Stopped and talked to him and has been on the streets since 1994. His wife cheated on him and left him and he started drinking although I think he had been drinking before that. He mentioned she left with their son I think. He came home and everything was gone from the house and she took everything in the bank which was $7,000. I told him my story of being and alcoholic and God hears us. He said he wants to stop drinking and said the devil is in the can (meaning beer can). Said he has been asking God for help. I prayed for him 3 times and commanded any foul spirit of satan out of him in the name of Jesus so will watch for him again to see. While we talked he shook my hand 4-5 times and had tears which I suspect from the fact someone would stop and pray for him. He has been homeless 24 years and said  he also said he didn’t want to keep living like this.  he said how long have you been in the word (bible) which was a peculiar question. A week later he had not stopped drinking. Later found that he didn’t stop but it was interesting he knew the devil was in the can and doesn’t want to here.

– Gave healing videos paper to Sarah and Oscar from Recovery Detox. He had a foot problem and I touched it and commanded pain to leave in my mind as I’ve seen healers do but nothing. Maybe I need to tell them Jesus will heal it. or maybe I need a lot more testing.  Gave healing videos and testimony.

Odd thingI have found homeless people easier to love and have compassion for than some others.

Looked up poor in the bible ( think I read there are 300 scriptures about the poor. Something my wife said was HELP THE UNFORTUNATE but I didn’t start until recently.  Update 7/11/17 watching TBN program told a story of the Dream Center in LA, started by Mathew Barnett from nothing and God told him to put his desk outside and put 3 bags of food on it. Mathew said God wants you to reach for the people nobody wants.

-At the Y on Nordic track listening to set a fire down in my soul several times with eyes closed I thought I saw a large white light and it lasted through a song and it seemed like there was an image or faint outline and I thought it was the throne and it was more than my imagination but faint and I talked in my mind. I was fully awake but forgot what I said now writing this a day later.

Tony  Stopped at park to go to bathroom, saw someone limping – Tony and asked if I could pray for him, he said ok and said it was a bone in his toe – no results which was odd because as I was praying for his foot it moved so thought something happened. Gave him healings paper and he said he would watch videos, said a friend lost a loved one and gave him that and my testimony although he didn’t know anyone with an issue.

– Thomas,  saw a homeless person, stopped and offered bars and said I have a message here, he said is it Christian and I said yes and he said good. He gave me a scripture James 1/16 but didn’t have much meaning to me. He asked where I went to church and said I haven’t found one that doesn’t judge so watch youtube, he said he is ashamed to be white because they judge everyone said his church isn’t like that and told me the name. I was in my car in the drive so had a hard time hearing but I think he said he had cancer and was healed and I asked if someone laid hands on him and said no he was just healed. Told me he was across the street and a pretty young woman came up and said I think this belongs to you and handed him an envelope, had $200, I thought he said he heard a voice tell him  to go to the casino and play a certain game and he won $4,250. His name is Thomas from Fayetteville, N.C.  it seemed like he hears God although odd that he might not use his money wisely as I thought he said he had $2,000 in clothes which he wouldn’t need.

-Jimmie, met Jimmie at the beach, I asked if he knew anyone with addiction and he said he was an alcoholic and goes to AA but had tapered off a little, i gave him the testimony, told him about God in my life and healing and he appreciated all of it and planned to share it and I mentioned it is hard to find people in Santa Barbara to share stories with and he said this is one of the hardest places to talk about Jesus, I said maybe that’s why we met and he agreed enthusiastically.

2 weeks off-today I was going to say God I need to take a break from this for a couple of weeks –i.e. reading bible, watching videos, talking to anyone about my testimony, Jesus, praying. I got up and started saying Holy Spirit, Jesus, I rebuke any spirit of depression here and a few more things. Around 10 I said Jesus I need some help. Took a nap around 12 30, I had not noticed  change yet and went to the Y about 3, saw Michael told him about our story and gave him a copy and he seemed really interested, walking in I saw a man named Steve walking with a walker and having a hard time. I asked him what happened and he broke his neck 30 years ago. I told him about the videos but he wasn’t interested, I would have prayed for him if he would have indicated an interest. In the sauna I asked two young men if they had any issues where they were looking for peace and I said I’m not a Jesus freak but found peace 3 years ago. The oldest one 22 or so said he was a former gang member but has found peace in nature and a passion for exercise so didn’t pursue it just said if you found love peace and joy you are there. Going home saw Stuart who I prayed for a week or so ago, he had been drinking but said he remembered, gave him $5.00 and said Jesus knows your there. So I went from taking two weeks off to talking to 4 people. I went from full despondency to singing to Jesus; Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, savior, savior, savior, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, healer, healer, healer, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you.

-got a haircut and mentioned church to the guy cutting my hair looking for a response, after I left the owner walked out and I told him about the stories and testimony and he was interested and said the guy that cut my hair is going to AA 4 times a week and would give it to him and knew others.

Jose, looking for God Driving home saw a young man with a back pack and wondered if he needed help. Name is Jose, about 22. I parked and walked back and said are you having some issues and he said yes ( I don’t usually blurt it out) I said I just became a believer 3 years ago and I have a note about the Holy Spirit that will help. He said he has been looking for God and had been away from god. He was a believer and said every time he gives up on God something bad happens. He saw the money and said I don’t need money but thanks I have a job. I told him about being an alcoholic and God answered my prayer. He said he stopped drinking 4 days ago. I prayed for him and he said he felt a little better and I asked him to wait while I went to get my testimony. When I came back I prayed for him again. I told him about Believers Edge and there are men there to help him  he said he would try to come and told him about Neuva Vida Church. Talked a little more and I told him to call me if he needs help.

Passion , Woody,  Later talked to Woody about God and my passion about it was above normal. Told him about healing and to read what I wrote later  but he didn’t accept it and said I don’t need healing (not in a negative way) He has been out for 7 weeks and has several problems but I’m guessing he thinks they are beyond faith healing. Close to a year after this Woody asked me where is heaven I told him in our midst Lu. 17:21. I was told by a mutual friend that he had studied to become a Catholic Priest, a week later i asked if he knew his purpose -no, I told him Gal. 5:14 and he laughed and knew the scripture.

-Saw a woman taking care of 3 special needs adults, she was sitting and I went over and asked if I could say a prayer and put my hand on her shoulder and just said I pray the Holy Spirit will give you peace and God’s unconditional love in your times of need and I pray for prosperity and blessings for spiritual, Emotional, physical and financial prosperity in your life.

later in the park saw 3 old men (80’s) sitting talking. Went up and said I had something pretty amazing happen in my life and I wrote a short story and thought it might help others. One said what was it, I said I lost my wife a little over 5 years ago and the amazing thing is I found her. He said I lost my wife 6 years ago and couldn’t talk to anyone about it for 3 years, said sure I’ll read it and share it. as I was leaving he said do you talk to her everyday.

wake up sleeper arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you Eph. 5:14 went to the beach, taking a nap, 3 times I was nudged and my hands flew up and thought it was Karen wanting me to get up. Woke up to go and in the car next to me was a woman who looked lonely, took our story and told her something amazing happened I like to share. Told her it is about my wife and about God, she held up a book she was reading about God and we talked a little and she showed me she was putting her issues in a bottle (had a drawing of a bottle with a lot things written in it) and I gave her my testimony and about healing. I told her about being healed and it was 6 hrs later I realized I was supposed to pray for her. We shook hands and exchanged names.

John, went to foodbank, probably helped there once a week for over a year. Only gave out 3-5 testimonies all that time. Today gave testimony to Karen – a volunteer, Ron who cooks for a homeless shelter, heard John (works at the food bank) say his back really hurts as he has gained 40 lbs. told him of my injuries and church in thousand oaks, and gave paper on healing I prayed for him and he said he already felt better. Mentioned alcohol and he stopped 10 yrs ago but his girlfriend is an alcoholic. I went back to car and gave him my testimony and told him to have her read it and I believe she will be healed. I told him he could command any spirit of addiction to leave her

– in the car at the beach and someone was playing loud rap music with swearing. I said in the name of Jesus turn that down, a minute later I said on 2nd thought turn it off, a minute later I didn’t hear it but heard arguing, 10 minutes later a car went by with the music. I laughed, I don’t know if coincidence but based on all the other things I don’t think so.

Jack, you can’t tell by looking; I didn’t think he would be interested in anything. I even said to myself you can’t tell by looking. Saw him 30 mins later getting into a newer car. I was close so stood by him and commented about the beach and a couple of other sentences. Then said I had something pretty amazing happen and I wrote a couple pages about it I like to share. Told about losing Karen and he said he lost his wife 2 years ago. I mentioned alcohol and he said he had been in AA for many years and he came from a family of alcoholics. Gave him our story, healing, my testimony. His name is Jack and will try to see him again. I don’t know if I helped but could have.

– today saw 2 women at the beach, mentioned my story and gave them a copy. One said she believed in reincarnation but not Jesus. Told her more of my testimony but she didn’t change. So 2 learning experiences, next time I am going to ask if you want to believe and if so pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them to Jesus and command doubt and unbelief to leave . If they don’t want to believe I won’t. she made a comment if there is a God why are these things happening in Syria. It was her granddaughter with her so didn’t want to argue or debate. It was a learning experience the answer is that it is the devil giving mankind thoughts of hatred, killing, and anything evil. God gave us free choice to choose what we want but we are paying more attention to the devil than to God. I have witnessed this in my life and I have talked to others who have and I have seen several sermons about it. this is something hard to believe unless you live it. one or more scriptures say the devil has authority on earth – john 4/6. but it also says Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil 1 john 3/8 and also God is a rewarder to those who seek Him –Hebrews 11/6

-approached a large man who I knew wouldn’t be interested but just wanted to see what he said for my experience – he wasn’t and I didn’t gain anything.

– next to guy in pick up next to me was outside truck. I got out and said do you have any family or friends with addiction problems and he said sort of. Gave him my testimony and said I hope this helps, started to leave and said has anyone lost a loved one and he said yes. Gave our story and think I mentioned this led me to Jesus.

 – Talked to Ron and Bonnie, they pack breakfast and lunch and come to the park to read. Told them our story, gave healing letter, both shook my hand and said they would pass the information along. Talked about their grandchildren and she said I bet your wife is watching over you.

– Today stopped at mcdonalds for coffee, a man in his 30’s was going through trash to find something to eat, his clothes were so dirty he couldn’t go inside (he could but using that to describe how bad he was). Bought him something and he took it and walked away as a dog might to go off and eat it. i cried for a few minutes at how helpless I am to do anything and how hopeless his life must be and how can he look forward to another day and I don’t know how he could even get clean clothes. Someone told me that they communicate and most know how to get basic necessities.

Chris, and signs of the Holy Spirit.  At Hope Ranch golf course to read, pickup pulled up next to me, went over and I said none of my business and not selling anything but have you lost a loved one in past year or so – yes lost both parents 2 years ago and girlfriend (maybe they split), also had a friend who had just lost someone. Told a little of our story – mainly about Hollister seeing Barb, gave our story to read later. Chris, in his early 50’s said he also had a serious health problem involving spinal fluid and recently got back on his feet,  I told him about the 4-500 hours of healing videos. Said he just left work to blow off steam because he had been demoted from parts manager. Said he had been on unemployment and signed an agreement for his current job saying they could fire him at anytime without notice or he could quit anytime without notice. Told him story of the Holy Spirit and he said he had received signs too. He had to leave to go back to work because he didn’t check out and said thank you for stopping by.

Caroline, woman had lost her husband and son a few years ago, told her a little of the story and she said thank you for sharing. Another woman with Caroline, had lost 3 people but didn’t seem to be in grief so may have been awhile and told her our story, said she was a Christian, said she had to go and I had a feeling it won’t mean much to her (wonderful story but I have realized it may not help everyone).

Marie,  Driving down the street I saw a woman with badly deformed legs walking with a cane. By the time I found a place to park she was 150 yards away, caught up and asked her if she would like me to pray and she said yes and sat down on ledge. I asked what was going on with her legs and Marie told me what she had and it was 4 long words I had never heard of. I asked how long she has had it and said all her life (it struck me as I’m going from a guy working in first aid to a brain surgeon, but I expected healing) and she looked to be close to 60. I said I don’t know about that but God does and prayed for a minute, maybe 2 minutes, asked how she felt and she said a little better and I prayed again and asked if she could straighten her left leg out and she did and I was sure we made some progress but she said sometimes she can. I gave her the healing videos and told her to watch some of these, said God Bless you and left and looked back 3 times but no improvement. When she told me all her life it sounded like a long shot as I have not reached that level of Supernatural Manifestations of God’s Grace. Todd White said he prayed 300 times.

– Jasmine, went over and asked about a loss of a loved one and yes the woman she rents from lost her husband last week, married 60 years. Told some of our story and she said the woman believes her husband is in the grave waiting for Jesus so probably won’t believe it due to mediums. Jasmine’s husband died 10 years ago at 66 from a heart attack. She told some stories of her connection with God like getting messages and gift of prophesy. Told of being a missionary with her husband and sleeping in the grass in Galesburg, Il. Across from a church And the Holy spirit came over her and she spoke in tongues for 5 hours and went to church and told the pastor something God told her to say which was God is not like your father here He loves you unconditionally, she said someone was healed when she told the pastor and she had not been to that church. Her husband had 3 heart attacks, she prayed probably many times and got messages from God that her husband had 10 more years. He was healed in one day from speech issue and walking problems She said she minister’s to the homeless a little and that was what she was doing with her husband. It sounded like she has many stories so I hope to talk to her again. Said she spoke in oriental tongues one time. Also said sometimes it doesn’t really flow which is something I wondered about as I felt mine was gibberish sometimes.

-Went to hardware store, saw a woman outside I thought about saying have you lost a loved one but didn’t. inside she asked me a question about something I had looked at, I then asked about a loved one and yes, her mother 4 years ago. Told a little of the story and information on healing, she smiled and was thankful.

-Cooke,  A woman I saw in the parking lot and thought about saying something but didn’t, in her 80’s looked confused, asked her if I could help her as I was waiting on a key to be made. Said she just moved here from santa ynez, I said how come, too hot, no, lost her husband and never going back. It’s been 2 ½ years and she said it’s pretty hard, told a little of our story and gave her a copy. Name is Cooke and she is from the Netherlands, went to school with her husband and I think married in 1949 and talked about the old country. She smiled 2 times and said I will remember you. 

Jefflater went to beach, sitting in the sun in chair a young man rode up parked 10 ft away, got off limping. I walked over and ask if he had any pain and he explained several things including rotator cuff, broken bones in hands, ankle. I prayed for him, gave him my testimony, told about my injuries, gave him the healing videos. Jeff, he thanked me and said he had heard of the Rock Church. He left, I went back to the chair and started to take a nap and in 3-4 minutes I felt an emotion I have not felt come up from my stomach into my heart area and throat. This was a supernatural emotion and I thought if I would of prayed longer and ask more about his injuries that this emotion/feeling/energy or whatever it was would have healed him completely.                                                                 

Pat, Stopped at trader joes, a woman walking in with a walker had several obvious issues including swollen legs and skin rash. I told her this may not help but it helped me and may be worth watching some of the videos. She said did it help you and told her about my problems although hers are much bigger. She said she would watch as I could use some help. If we would have been outside I would have prayed. I then gave her my testimony and she said is this yours. She smiled 3 times.

-learning experience,   A couple hours later saw a couple coming out of a store who both had serious health problems. I mentioned the videos of healings and said it might heal something. he said he just has too many problems. He said he was a Viet Nam vet and a couple other things, and I think something about not believing in Jesus although he said they were Catholic. After I left I felt like I should have been more persistent and said it’s only one page, I’ve watched 500 hours, almost every life has trouble at some point, I lost my wife, lost my business, I had rejected Jesus, I was an alcoholic ect. If I could have gotten them to watch the videos they could have found peace – I should have promised you will find peace in this.

-Went to pray and saw Jeff and his wife from Ventura, I asked if they were Christian –y and told them what I did on Monday and how God heard my request to stop drinking and gave them our story and healing and she recognized a name on the list and were thankful I shared it. I walked away and few minutes later they left and honked.

Rick, he has a serious problem and looked pretty poor. Later,
VIBRATIONS  I played the song SET A FIRE IN MY SOUL , after 30 mins I saw my spirit going to Rick and embracing him and I felt amazing love for him and it lasted several minutes. I think I have felt this a few times but not this intense and I felt he was healed. What was amazing is that I wasn’t even thinking about Rick, it just happened. Checked and he had not been healed but something spiritual happened, it may have been another Rick.

Jane  Stopped for gas, asked a woman by next pump if she or anyone had lost a loved one. Jane, said yes a 17 year old boy 3 days ago a family friend. Told her a little of our story and she said thank you so much for sharing.

Abraham -Saw a young man at shoreline in a suit and right away knew he had something bothering him. after 10 minutes I asked if he had lost a loved one and he said no, do I look like (?), I said you look a little stressed. He said he moved from San Diego to Santa Barbara for his job and having a hard time with his social life, said his girl friend broke up with him. told him a little about losing my wife and crying about every day for 3 years. Asked if he was a Christian and yes he believed and I prayed for him – for peace and told him about the Holy Spirit and gave him testimony and told him to watch you tube videos of wonders of God. He shook my hand twice and said thank you 3 times. Abraham and in early 30’s.

 -Thomas, went to Y about 3, there I decided instead to go take a nap ( have never gone there, parked and decided to leave), left and went to a different spot than I initially thought about. When I got there I parked 50’ in back of a guy in a pick up and thought about giving him my testimony but too tired. After several minutes I was about to put seat back and he fell out of his pick up. I went to help him up and thought he was drunk but it was around 3 30 so thought it could be heart problem. He was so drunk I couldn’t get him in the pick up just to sit so he wouldn’t lean on me. When I got him up the first thing I did was put my arms around him and say God loves you several times and held his head and said it again. This was a real emotion I had and it was automatic. Right away he started crying and repeating I’m so sorry. After that I expected something to happen like him sobering up a little. After 3-4 minutes Klye came up on a motor cycle and asked if we needed help. Thomas kept repeating I’m so sorry and I’m going to die and I love her so much , I’ve lost every thing. I thought his wife died and he was so incoherent couldn’t figure out what happened. With Kyle’s help we got him in the passenger side and Kyle drove him to the address on his license. Kyle’s friend Jay (both early 20’s) came and went in the pick up and I followed. He couldn’t even tell us where he lived and it wasn’t there because the keys didn’t work and he had several keys. Since we couldn’t figure out where he lived Kyle and Jay thought we should call the police as he had said 50 times I’m going to kill myself or I need to die. All this took well over an hour and he hadn’t sobered up enough to be coherent. While outside the house his wife called on his phone and Kyle answered. She said he beat her up so bad and apparently recently as he was on probation. We assumed she is suing him and that was why he will lose everything. Has a child 35 but couldn’t understand anymore. We thought He would have killed himself or someone else driving if we had not helped. When Kyle called the police they said he had a code 5050 showing he was a danger to himself and others. He had an open knife in the front seat with him. Kyle works for a restaurant on the harbor. Thomas David I think was his last name is a contractor and mentioned something about building houses, earlier said he had spent thousands on his wife so we thought she had cancer or some major health problem. I would guess there is a possibility he will end up in prison for several months depending on what else he has done. One of the groups of people I pray for on Mondays and prayed it today is for people who have given up hope and are considering suicide. I don’t know if God led me there but it sure seems like it. God knew there was a man in a pick up planning suicide.

Daniel and Esta Stopped at trader joes around 5, saw a vehicle with hood open, went  to see if I could help, woman sitting there showed me 3 lug studs that had broken . Couldn’t understand her but said something about husband went  for mechanic, then husband came and couldn’t understand either of them . Said from Europe, france, Italy,  In addition to car trouble they needed food , I think he said they had 3 boys, were out of money. Took him to trader joes and bought some food. I think he said mothers birthday and he had bought a chicken and enough to cook a meal. I asked how will you cook and he tried to tell me something. I think he understood better than he could speak English. Came out and mechanic was there. Talked to him, Doren, not sure how it started but cars came up and he used to work on and own corvettes, I asked him what it was going to cost and he said nothing !!!. I said it doesn’t matter but are you Christian and he said sort of. I told him about some of what I do and mentioned elks car show tomorrow and he said he might come I said I think the reason I was led here was to see you. he said I was here and knew how to do it.                       the amazing thing in this story is that  Daniel and his wife Esta couldn’t speak English, found the only person who could help them Friday night, and had the tools, knew how and would do it for free otherwise they would have had to stay in their car tonight, call around to find a station which would have been extremely hard as they were very hard to understand, had the vehicle towed and probably would not have it repaired until Monday if then. This had to be the work of God. The chances of finding someone to repair your car for free on Friday at 5pm anyplace has to be impossible now include not being able to speak the language.

JohnnyComing home I saw a man with a sign at the exit on Los Positas. I have seen him many times and he was completely bent over almost 90 degrees and couldn’t stand up. I parked and went to him and prayed and held him in my arms and prayed for several minutes and he said he felt better and prayed some more and he was standing almost straight and said he hadn’t stood this straight in years. He said he had a bullet in him somewhere from the Iraq war which I guess would be unusual, also said he was scheduled for an operation on his back. Coming home I felt so good about this as in finally felling comfortable as in Jesus doing it.

Larry – a friend for 50 years living in Phoenix is dying of a brain disease PSC or PCS related to parkinson’s, he went from normal a year ago to barely able to get around using a walker and has to be in a nursing home with assisted care and falls all the time.. He also does not believe in God so I hoped to talk to him and get him to accept Jesus.  leaving and i had tried to bring up God 3 times and he became very belligerent each time. He used God’s name in swearing 2-3 times, I asked where a book came from (about God) and he said I don’t know you can have it. I asked if he read the plaque about Rodney which says something like laugh often, be kind, love always, …….. and he said no I don’t think about it. I asked if he cared to read my testimony which I found before I went out and he said yes.  I had prayed to remove any spirit of doubt and unbelief before going out and I could tell he was calmer than before and I knew Holy Spirit or Karen or angels did this. After he read it I sat by him and said just hear me out for 2 minutes and I knew he would. I reminded him of some things I wrote about and said I will pray for your salvation and mentioned Rodney is in heaven, I said your kids and grandkids are all baptized don’t you want to be with them. He started asking who baptized me, will they come to my house ( I told him I would contact a church), I told him what to say but he didn’t. he said he would have his daughters set it up in des moines. He said he would listen to music which he didn’t want to before. He did not reject anything I said for over 5 mins and before I couldn’t say one sentence. He went from belligerent to saying he would be baptized and even though he may forget about it I know God heard his willingness.

 Efren  -Went to east beach saw 2 men walking nearby somewhat drawn to them. I walked over and said Jesus loves you and Efren said thank you, thank you I need a prayer and put my hand on his shoulder and said do you know the love of The Holy Spirit and in less than a minute he felt something and showed me he had tears and said something to his friend (both Hispanic) talked a couple of minutes and he asked my name and said you are a good man and I said no Jesus did it (which is the first time I thought about saying that.) prayed for his friend and he said he felt peace. Gave my testimony and to know The Holy Spirit. Efren said I love you 3 times during this and we hugged twice.

-Walked by 6-7 men waiting to start work at 8, turned around and said I’m not judging you by this question but do any of you go to church, one said yes, I gave him the paper on To Know the Love of Christ Which Surpasses Knowledge and asked him to share it. one of the other Hispanic men said read it to us. Told them I was an unbeliever until 2014. This is a very easy way to plant seeds with Christians if they have not felt the love of Christ.

-Not about what I did but what I felt; Going to work on grounds crew at the Elks about 7:30 late oct., probably 45 degrees, saw a man walking with only a t-shirt. I stopped and asked if he wanted this and gave him the long sleeve shirt I had on. As I drove off I cried about his circumstances and this feeling has come many times. He was Hispanic and I only mention the colors to let anyone willing to do this that they can reach out to anyone.

-Costco – in front of a family of 3 Hispanic people I said I’m not being nosy but do you go to church he said yes and I gave him the paper on To Know The Love of Christ. He looked at the title and said I will not throw it away I will read it and pulled out a picture of Jesus he carries in his pocket.

-Bill- went to believers edge, Later at park asked if young man in car would be receptive –y. went over and asked if he had 2 minutes and he said he was in the word meaning bible so he actually should have said sure. I asked if he had a friend or family member having trouble with addiction problems and said no and I mentioned my story of God answering my prayer and I wrote a story and he was a little reluctant but took it. I then told him about the healing videos paper and the other papers. He thanked me for reaching out and shook my hand 2-3 times. I went to read and ½ hr later he was still there and said he had read the testimony and commented I looked 55 (70 in the testimony), I told him about the healing of my arms and we talked for 10 mins and we shook hands 2-3 times and he commented about me spreading the word/gospel 2-3 times and said it was a privilege meeting me. I mentioned the Pastors at Believer Edge and  it seems a couple of Pastor’s are really anointed by the Holy Spirit and he said he can see a glow around me and I think he meant by what I am doing to reach out. He really did seem unusually surprised for some reason.

-Adam-I went to the food bank at 10, met Adam who works with Progress Addiction Recovery and shared my testimony. He is an MMA fighter and competes in LA and the Bay area. Also gave videos of healing. He said it was a privilege to meet me and seemed sincere.

-Dave and Norb, playing pool at the Elks Dave said in reply to something yea but can he give salvation referring to someone. Several minutes later I said we’re you just joking about salvation and he said no. I told my story and Signs of God and he was glad to have a testimony from someone who has been there. Turns out he taught adult bible school for 20 years and had been told he has a drinking problem. I believe God told him to make that comment about salvation so I would talk to him. I have seen this happen in my life and seen it from watching videos.

-Roger at trader Joe’s he was outside singing for money and had looked like close to $100. I had seen him 5-6 months ago. Forgot exactly what I said to start but he mentioned he lost his wife 4 years ago and has been living in his truck. I told him about Hollister seeing Barb and he said wow, and my testimony. He mentioned a scripture that said when Israel becomes a state that would be the last generation so end of the world- it was 1949, ( this has occurred to me many times in the past 3-4 years) Mentioned they went to a small Baptist Church and were the only white people and a woman close to 100 would come in using a walker and during the singing she would be standing raising both hands and praising God. For some reason he had stopped going  I told him about Neuva Vida and he said he would go.

-Dan – homeless at the beach, said he was passing through. I didn’t talk long, went to watch Will’s VB. He mentioned he had a stoke and was concerned about another one. Was smoking and I said how do you afford it, said he was trying to quit. Told him about God hearing me and if he wants to quit God will do it., gave my testimony and signs from God and he said did you write this -2nd or 3rd time I have been asked so maybe more meaningful to them. Mentioned he was hit by a truck driving and was supposed to collect a lot of money but was told it might take 2 years. He was thinking or talking to God when he was hit. He was here to talk to his attorney which seemed  odd as he could call. Mentioned there was power in the name a couple of times and I thought he meant Jesus but said when you die call for Christ. I thought it was Jesus receive my spirit from Stephen in the bible. I prayed the Holy Spirit give him peace.

-Talked to JR today, homeless 3 years and very dirty, I think from Solvang area and had been a heavy equipment operator and was a contractor. 3 yrs ago he had an accident and a bulldozer he was on slid down 20 ft and turned over in a creek. Apparently someone pulled him out or he would have drowned. He just applied for ss so must be 62. both knees were pretty damaged and he was using a wheel chair. We talked about religion and he said he had helped build the Calvary church here and goes once a week at 6 30 and if he doesn’t show up the pastor comes to look for him. he mentioned he is going through his trials and tribulations which is similar to what the homeless guy said that he hasn’t suffered enough for Jesus. I had told him some of our story. Told him about the Holy Spirit coming over me after I prayed for Karen Asked if I could pray and he said yes, I prayed The Holy Spirit give him peace just as he had me and after a couple of sentences I choked up, he thanked me for praying. I asked if could get him some things and will. This Calvary church is the same one TJ went to for 25 years and said they couldn’t help him (when they prayed) because he had a demon. 3 hrs later I asked if the Holy Spirit came over me when I choked up –y.

-took some things to JR and he said I knew you would come back you are an angel, he said he told someone at church about me and the person knew me and said I was a prophet (I think he meant he knew people like me). We talked for 20 minutes and he said he had told 3 people I was a prophet 3 times. I didn’t know what he meant and he said you put others before yourself. I thought a prophet was someone who knew future events of live or people. I think Pastor Jaimie said this. I said does the Holy Spirit think I’m a prophet ot want me to be –y.

-saw someone I had given my testimony to a month ago and the first thing she said was I really appreciate what you gave me and said I had similar feelings. She went on to tell about being in church all her life and her father was a deacon and said I guess you know my husband has a problem. I didn’t and it was so noisy I couldn’t hear well so didn’t discuss much.

– at foodbank helping and a couple came with a young man who looked 14 but was 19 and has autism or something else and was unable to pay attention for even 30 seconds. They were putting potatoes from a large container into crates and he would start to wonder off. I worked with him 10-15 minutes putting a potato in each hand and saying one, two but he would turn away and I had to keep saying here’s one more and he would turn back around to do it. They said he couldn’t talk but I kept hoping he would start saying one, two and if I would have seen improvement would have prayed for him. When they left I hugged him and he gave me a kiss which I think he does often. Gave them the signs of God story and they seemed grateful for the help and waved driving off. The woman took a video with her phone so maybe they got something out of it.

Mark, mid 40’s. Getting in my car at the food bank and saw a person walking my direction and about 10 ft. away I said are you homeless and he said borderline. I got out and gave him the lunch the food bank had given me and said are you Christian and he said yes but he has fallen away and I asked if I could pray for him and did. I said do you have a bible and he said he has been looking for a small bible which I had and said he would like one for his friend. He said didn’t I see you giving out food, I didn’t clarify it but a couple of months ago I helped Wilbrideg (only helped twice when they cook for the homeless) He said something about his girlfriend being with the wrong crowd, and something else about a friend having trouble with the devil. I wanted to tell him what to do but he said he had to get going. I told him to say the Lord’s Prayer every day and he said it there. I gave him 2-3 papers on videos of healing and something else. I gave him $10 and wondered if it would go for alcohol and saw him 100 ft away looking in a dumpster and wish I would have given a little more. When he left he said no one had ever prayed for him before and seemed touched.

Thomas at Believers Edge, I hadn’t been there for 4 weeks. When I said hi he said didn’t you give me some papers (my testimony and videos of healing). He said I quit drinking and feel great. Apparently he was more of an alcoholic than I was as he said it was longer than 35 years and he started drinking when he woke up. He told me about complaining to God and while complaining realized he no longer felt what he was complaining about. This happened to me 4 times recently and I believe God told him to tell me that.

– 11/11/17 HOLY SPIRIT,  reading a story of 23 y/o Brynne Larson performing exorcisms for 2,000 people I realized I had chuckled 3-4 times and held the pendulum and said in the name of Jesus I ask for a truthful answer did someone make me laugh –y, was it the Holy Spirit –y, I chuckled 8-10 more times and 15 minutes later writing this I felt the love for Jesus I have found many times but can’t seem to stay there.

– 11/15/17 at Rod’s retirement home, he told me some women were having a bible study so I took TO KNOW THE LOVE OF CHRIST, videos of healing, SIGNS OF GOD to give them to pass around. I told about a couple of stories of reaching out to people and being led by God. Funny, Sue A. was there : I gave them  Signs and Messages: included the church story and sue was the primary person plus the minister WHO HAD TURNED THEIR BACK ON HELPING AND FALSELY JUDGED ME. :” *church story – short version, in 2005 we went to church and Karen’s friends turned their back on helping and it hurt her feelings and I became very bitter with the Pastor who caused the problem and with judgmental self righteous Christians. To say I disliked them would be a huge understatement. In 2012 after being asked to go to another church I went the 4th time asked. At the end the Pastor thanked a couple of people and also those who may have been abused by their former church. Talking with him later he said in 25 years he has never said that and at the time wondered why he said it. IT WAS GOD TELLING HIM as has been stated by several ministers on videos who hear God. “ I have heard words God tells people to let me know. Such as Thomas saying he was complaining to God and forgot what he was complaining about which happened to me

I would bet the Holy Spirit led me to do what I did to show Sue I have changed and point out her error. The interesting thing about this is I have only been in Des Moines twice in 11 years for a total of 5 days so for her to be there was quite an unusual coincidence. The Holy Spirit is the only one who knew she was there.

-woman at mc donalds said to cashier I am blessed when he said how are you, walked outside same time she went and asked if i could share something and said I was blessed over 3 years ago. Shaid she and her husband were ordained ministers –Pastor Angela. Told her what I do and thought it was awesome.

-Went to pray, saw a young man outside his car seemed like pondering something so thought might have an issue. I asked 3-4 questions about the tragedy and then if he knew anyone with a drug or alcohol problem – didn’t but said he went to AA so gave my testimony in case he comes across anyone. Asked if he knew anyone who went to church and his parents do so gave YOU CAN KNOW THE LOVE. Told some of my life story and asked if I could pray for him and he said sure. Prayed for divine love but didn’t see it happen. Told story about calling the Holy Spirit when depressed.

TIM Went to trader joes and saw a man sitting with a sign about food. I said how are you doing and handed him one of the papers with $5 and he started telling me about his car trouble and he was with his girlfriend and told a couple of organizations helping them and he saw something about a scripture and said his mother was a believer and I gave him signs of God and he said she would love it. I asked if I could pray for him and I prayed for God’s Divine Love and he wiped both eyes and kept praying a couple of minutes. He stood up to give me a hug and his face was red and I could see he was touched and he said thank you I needed that. He said thank you a couple times.I think he said something like I knew you were special or had something special. He asked where I went to church, told him about Believer’s Edge.

-HEALED  worked on grounds crew, hit in the side of knee by a piece of wood from the splitter and I fell to the ground and thought I might have serious damage to kneecap and stayed 2 minutes, got up and told the guy I was with I’m done for today and asked for healing and pain to go and it was over in 4-5 minutes and no pain and worked more.. 7 pm I said did someone heal me –y.

-NATE ;Saw a young man with tattoos all over both arms setting up to play tonight for some event. I said do you know any one with an addiction problem, he said yes and I gave him my testimony. He said I stopped drinking 7 years ago and I am struggling with it. He read the first line and said I’m a believer too and said I just came from church. He mentioned raising his son. I gave him healing videos and you can know the love… he thanked me 3 times and I said to call me any time.

– Marjorie told me she put my papers in her Bible.

Gene – I was giving blood and Gene asked what I was reading – scriptures so I told him a few signs from God. He said he wasn’t Christian and didn’t go to church. He said a few years ago someone in a restaurant came up to him and said you are going to think this is strange but I was told to talk to someone in a black shirt (which was Gene) and told him a couple of things no one could know. I mentioned many can hear God and told the story of the guy going to commit suicide. Gene said he was thinking about suicide when the guy came up to him and it stopped him. we talked a little more and I gave him signs from God and to know the love.

-John, got hit by a car 6 months ago and has metal in his leg and other serious problems. He came into  the gym and I asked a little about his injuries and gave him the healing videos and prayed for the Holy Spirit to give him peace. He said he does not come in much and maybe this is why he came.

At smart and final saw a young man in his 20’s with a t-shirt about losing a loved one with 2 women who may have been younger and older sisters. Told them I had lost someone and wrote a story and they were happy to receive it. I went the opposite direction and they were  going the opposite direction as in east-west. I was looking for something and said out loud if they come here I will pray for them and as I finished they walked around the corner. and asked if I could pray for them and they said yes.  After the older woman showed me her ankle bracelet and she was on parole and has been asking to find Jesus. Hopefully my info helped. 5/25 I asked if God led them to me –y (guessing He gave them a desire to have something in that aisle.

Standing next to a woman at Costco I asked if she or a friend had lost a loved one recently. Said she lost her mother 11 yrs ago and thinks about her every day. Gave her the story of life going on and she was very grateful because she had been wondering about that. Asked my name and said her name was Mercedes and said you may not like the last name Trump.

-I saw two men at the beach today severely mentally impaired and prayed for God’s love for them and then prayed for the devil to leave them and I prayed for several minutes looking for a reaction to see if the devil but nothing happened. One was in his 60’s on the ground throwing dirt all over, other man was younger sitting on the ground mumbling. I held his hand looking for a reaction.I was actually testing myself to confront the devil. Several minutes later the person watching over them came and I prayed for God’s love and she said she felt peace come to her. i gave her my testimony and how to find God’s love.

-At food bank talked to Scott who said he normally comes on Friday. Talked about God and he had been in prison 20 years, and getting back on his feet and he told of talking to someone who gave him many details in his life and not sure what but information the friend could not know and later the friend said he didn’t remember one word about it. I had mentioned several things including giving out the papers I showed him and he asked if he could take them. Scott was homeless for 7 years, now has a business and 2 homeless men living in his house.

-1 hr later Went to pray, read my signs from God and cried 4 times about the love. After praying I said I’m going to find the guy that talked about the devil is he there now-y, what is his name –D –dick or Donald –y, dick-y. Went there and ask someone if they knew Dick and no but said he knew Richard, found 2 people and talked a little, told them about Jesus looking for a reaction but he didn’t say anything and talked about a church he had gone to. I prayed for God’s love but not like other times but he did say he felt peace. Had a broken back and prayed but no results. The woman with him was Jewish and interrupted a lot. Too many to mention but the interesting thing was his son lives in Des Moines and has a photography business. May try to find him again to find the guy I was looking for. Richard looked familiar and he said I gave my testimony to him so maybe it was

4/28/18 Met Chip from Thousand Oaks area, talked a little and he mentioned relatives in the quad cities, he used to sell computers, he stopped drinking in 1999. I thought these were sort of coincidences. Asked if he went to church and said not too much and I gave him the paper on videos of healing and he said good he has a shoulder injury . We talked about the Holy Spirit and he thanked me 3-4 times and hugged me 2-3 times and said God Bless you 2-3 times