Signs of God

WE ALL GET THESE SIGNS -if you pay attention and write them down it will show God you are aware that something is going on in your life. I don’t know if anyone is interested in my signs but if you see how many there are and you understand I am not special then you can become aware of His Presence being with you. He said never will I leave you never will I forsake you Heb. 13:5. He is a rewarder to those that believe Heb. 11:6. I started noticing in 1999 when He answered my prayer to stop drinking.

Some of these are explained below but in a nutshell:

  • There is a song today I WANT TO WALK WITH YOU JESUS. Sometime in 2002-3 I woke up singing in my mind if I could walk with Jesus just one time He would tell me everything I should know, he would tell me ….. I forgot the rest but at the time I thought it was interesting but didn’t pay much attention however I had been reading some books trying to find out what was going on – spiritually, i.e. about God, Jesus.
  • Heard the voice of God say DO YOU LOVE ME.
  • Got baptized in 2014, felt Love from God many times, felt love for Jesus and it was different.
  • Example:  12/31/17 LOVE OUT OF THE BLUE reading who I am in Christ and a few other scriptures and after 30 mins or so felt the most incredible love come over me and I cried and knew something happened and I sat for 20-30 minutes in amazement because it has happened so many times. Another time I cried for most of 2 hours and felt like a 4 y/o child.
  • a few months after this I got a message Sometime after I started feeling the love I got a message TELL ABOUT MY LOVE.  
  • Actually I don’t have many to tell but I have prayed for some and seen them cry but I am mailing letters to 500 churches telling about how to receive God’s love.
  • I’ve been healed of several health issues, although one may not get healed.
  • A wind up music box that plays our favorite song Moon river (we picked in 1965) has played 24 times so far and the first time was after I gave my old shoes to a homeless person and came home to get shoes and I fell to my knees and thanked Jesus.
  • my lips have been tickled asleep and one time had to rub them for 2 minutes. I made a t-shirt that says JESUS CAME TO TEACH US TO LOVE, laid down for a nap and before I was asleep I had a vision of a dog licking my face and it tickled and I got up – have had 8-10 of these.
  • I made a t-shirt design saying Jesus came to teach us to love each other and laid down for a nap and almost asleep I had a vision of a dog licking my face and it physically tickled and i got up laughing as i have had a few of these.
  • Karen has been seen 4 times by those who see through the veil – The Kingdom of Heaven is in our midst Lu. 17:21, Let your gentleness be evident to all for the Lord is near Phil. 4:5. “For to this end Christ died and lived again, that he might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.” Rom. 14:19.
  • I have had 250 dreams from Karen.
  • Cut flowers that normally die in 5-6 days have lasted over 22 days 3 different times.
  • The woman I rent from (6,000 sf house) has 2 dogs that bark like maniac’s at another tenant here but very seldom at me when I walk to my car and only 2-3 yips.
  • an ipod plays worship songs and one time listening outside and it was dangling and it turned in 20 inch circles as if I was swinging it but I wasn’t and did this for 5 minutes, then hung completely straight and the did it again. You can blow on this to make it move and the wind was 15 knots, the songs were Every Praise which has 58 million views and the other song was Run Devil Run.
  • DAYS BEFORE THIS HAPPENED I SAID I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO LOVE GOD I HAVE ONLY LOVED ONE PERSON 2/1/18 in the sauna with ear phones  listening to a praising song which I have listened to many times the 2nd time it played I felt the love come up from my stomach and I cried. It was love that surpasses knowledge but this time it was love for Jesus, I listened 3 times and each time I felt love for Jesus and the last time was the most intense and I bent over. Maybe Jesus likes this song. I was imagining Him in front of me before I felt the love.
  •  RECEIVED SCRIPTURES dream last night of seeing a young woman come to me and said read Rev. 3/20 and I held her and prayed for Jesus to heal her as she had a physical problem and kept repeating the scripture so wouldn’t forget. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.
  • several times I have said I’m going to take a nap and then pray Before taking a nap I said I need to clean the car then pray when I get up. Didn’t check time but I think I slept an hr because I was up at 3 30 am for 30 mins. After awhile I was jolted awake
  •  I look at Karen’s picture and feel her presence, in the book A voice in the Night he says he gazes at his wife’s picture and knows God gave him a supernatural love for her. He did for me and the proof was the dream in 2003 of intertwined spirits in heaven and finding the scripture Mal 2:15.
  • I had a dream of Morgan Freeman showing up 3 times and knew The Holy Spirit wanted me to contact them to tell them they are looking in the wrong place for God and i sent a letter to the agent with references of people who are doing miracles by God. I think his show is in Search of God and he travels around the world.
  • One of the most amazing things I have seen and there have been many is pulling into Trader Joe’s parking lot a 5 pm Friday night and seeing a van with the hood up and a woman setting in the doorway with her head down. I asked her if I could help and she opened her hands and showed me two lug nuts that had broken of the wheel. I could not understand her and I still am not sure where they are from, they mentioned Europe, Italy. She said something like her husband went to get a mechanic but he showed up in 2 minutes and he wasn’t much clearer. As near as I could determine they came out of L.A. area and were going to the Bay area. They didn’t have much money, the husband said food and acted out eating, they had two children. I took him to Trader’s and bought some things. We came back to the vehicle and a guy was setting there and he was “ the mechanic” her husband found. The miracle is he wasn’t a mechanic but a regular guy who works on cars and happened to be there and had the tools to do the repair work. How can it be that a family who did not speak very good English finds someone to repair their vehicle at 5 pm on Friday night. I asked him what the cost would he and he said nothing I’m here, I know how to do it and I have the tools. They had a crucifix hanging from their mirror. It would have been impossible for them to call a garage and explain their problem on the phone.

See 2005/2012 and 2017 church story below for confirmation of Hebrews 13:5 I will never leave you or forsake you.

The next two are on The Love of Christ: after feeling love from God dozens of times the next time the love was so intense I would have fallen to the floor if I were standing. How can that possibly be that I know I am loved so much. I am 74 and have never cried one time from knowing I am loved. God’s Love for us is supernatural, it is not of this world; God’s love is multiple times greater than any love there is on earth. I loved my wife more than anything in this world as she said she did me but God’s love for us is indescribable and does not compare to our love. There are a few scriptures saying we are children and that is how I felt. 1 Kings 3:7 O Lord my God, you have made me king instead of my father, David, but I am like a little child who doesn’t know his way around.

As God is my witness everything here happened – nothing is made up. As it turns out God is our witness which is why we can talk to God in our mind as Rev. Kenneth Hagin pointed out and I have seen results too many times to count. I say the Lord’s Prayer and forgive me for my thoughts, words and deeds that are not kind.

GOD PUTS WORDS IN OUR MOUTH. I realized something very profound in this process and that is that God is more active and wants to be in our lives more than most of us understand. After I read the scripture Jeremiah 1:9  God saying I have put my words in your mouth , it occurred to me this happened many times and I probably missed 90% of them.  I know some of these were to comfort me, some were to guide me to action.

EXAMPLES: talking to someone about all his problems I said those aren’t your problems they are theirs (other person) problems. He blurted out yea but I just want someone to take away this hate. I have prayed every day for God to take away the spirit of hate(a euphemism for devil) from these children who have so much hate they want to commit suicide (I have been there). I prayed and plan to go to his house to pray for Jesus to remove all oppressive spirits. I know I don’t have to go there but he has a nephew with cocaine addiction I want to talk to.

I lost my 3 day pass to a bb tournament and as I was walking to the entrance table I was going to say I bet you don’t remember me from yesterday. As I walked up the woman said I remember you from yesterday. Ten minutes later went back to give her a paper on To Know The Love of Christ and as I was talking to her she had tears. Had she not said what she did I would not of gone back.

At Smart and Final I talked to 3 people, I walked the opposite direction and said out loud if they come to this aisle I will pray for them – they did in 10 seconds so God put those words in my mouth. I don’t know if God led them because we were 200 feet apart when I left them the first time. I prayed and one of the women showed me a monitor on her foot and was on probation and said she has asked for Jesus.

The first time I noticed this was in 2012 I went to a church I had never been to the 4th time I was asked and the pastor said I want to welcome all who were abused by their former church. I thought that was pretty amazing but didn’t get that God did that. Talking later the pastor said in 25 years he had never said that and at the time wondered why he said it. Story below.

After a couple of general comments about how are things going Jose said I’ve been looking for God and he had stopped drinking 4 days ago.

I was about to say to someone this is sort of a thankless job but didn’t say it. I walked past someone 30 seconds later and he said does anyone ever thank you for what you do. I thought god might have done that and went back and said if you ever want to talk about Jesus let me know.

Most if not all of these signs are supernatural and even the signs that seem a coincidence may not be .If we are receptive we are led by God, God puts words in someone else for your benefit and this has happened 5 times I know of. Explained below but some examples:

  • I heard God’s Voice say DO YOU LOVE ME.
  • I felt love and peace come to me before I even knew The Holy Spirit was real.
  • I read about/discovered the Holy Spirit removes depression, fear, loneliness, sadness, etc.
  • I feel the love of God that surpasses knowledge come to me out of the blue often and cry about being loved.
  • My wife has been seen by 4 people able to see through the veil.
  • I found how to find compassion by saying Jesus open the eyes of my heart so I can feel your Love and compassion.
  • I was led to someone planning suicide, someone stopped drinking, someone said fear left when you said Holy Spirit remove the spirit of fear as examples.
  • I said I don’t know how to love Jesus and several days later felt how.
  • Several health issues were healed.
  • Some cried when I prayed for The Holy Spirit to bring God’s Unconditional Love.

*** If you have an experience concerning God in your life I would guess He would like you to tell others. As another example of the signs: the day I wrote he would like you to tell others that night watching a program about the movie The Shack the author said coincidences are God working in the details of your life are you telling anyone about God in your life. Later the same night a sermon by Brian Houston he said who are you telling about what you have seen HIM do.

  • Some of my more noteworthy experiences of “walking” with Jesus and experiencing The Holy Spirit came in 2016 and on after watching healing videos mentioned in Know The Holy Spirit. These include my healings, some people crying when touched by The Holy Spirit, the Reaching Out stories such as being led to someone who wanted to commit suicide, Thomas telling me he stopped drinking after reading my testimony and him telling me he had been complaining to God as I had the day before and the reasons he was complaining were removed and I believe GOD TOLD HIM TO SAY THAT to point out my complaining.
  • I have received amazing love that surpasses knowledge and I have felt my love for Jesus that was also unlike any love for even my wife. It really was like a buried treasure that you have to keep looking for. I call these love out of the blue -THEY ARE FROM GOD BUT COME OFTEN WHEN I DO NOT EXPECT IT.
  • I have had several songs come to me at night: I have been asleep and realized I was singing/praising Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit/angels. One was Angels, Angels, Angels for me God sent some Angels I’d like to see. Angels, Angels, Angels for me I know when I go they’ll be waiting for me, God sent some angels to watch over me.
  • I had the most amazing dream; I was given a few flowers and thought they were so beautiful that I have to remember these flowers then i was given a large bouquet and then shown my laptop and I didn’t know why the laptop was there and a friend said God is telling you it is beautiful to Him because you use it for the videos and to write papers to help others my testimony, You Can Know The Love of Christ, you are not the only one in a bad situation, videos of healing in the name of Jesus. I have never had a dream where something is so beautiful I need to remember it.
  • I didn’t really understand how incredible The Holy Spirit is until 17 years after all the wonderful things I have seen when He told me UNDERSTAND I AM HERE FOR YOU.
  • I woke up with the thought YOU ARE NOT FINISHED HERE YOU HAVE A VERY BENEVOLENT FUTURE; it wasn’t I’m not finished here I have A … besides that isn’t a word i would use like the dream message in 2003 EITHER ONE THE OTHER (below).
  • I have felt compassion Jesus has for us. for close to 3 years about every Monday I pray for those who feel sad, lonely, neglected, abandoned, forgotten. Before I pray I pray Jesus open the eyes of my heart so I can feel your love and compassion. I have cried over 50 times of feeling their plight of suffering. Feb. of 2018 WATCHING TV, A WOMAN ASKED REV. BOYLE HOW DO YOU DEVELOP COMPASSION . he said its kind of hard to explain that and told a long story. I HAVE SAID Jesus I pray for your love and compassion to be in my heart , Jesus open the eyes of my heart so I can feel your love and compassion several times and later while praying for neglected, abandon, forgotten, lonely people I have felt this compassion and cried many times. Many of us may not understand we are all from God and He feels the same for all of us. There is a scripture about it which escapes me now. There is also a scripture that He rewards those who believe and seek Him Heb 11:6. There are also close to 300 scriptures about helping the oppressed.
  • In 2015 I was given a dream of a large concrete parking lot which became a field then saw a path leading to a white church. I knew The Holy Spirit did that and I have visualized it meditating 200 plus times. I have made the whole thing like a heaven with trees, flowers, paths and one time imagining walking to the church with Karen I saw what I knew was Jesus coming out and put His arm around me and said pray.
  • Miracles – I have heard about, watched, read about so many miracles and have cried about some of them. 1/24/18 Believers Edge, talked to Jeff. He has an amazing miracle story of being healed. I don’t recall how many operations he had but he had 174 medical pages from Cottage Hosp. He had a ruptured hernia so bad they considered amputating his leg and fingers, he was in intensive care more than once, someone told me he was given a 5% chance of living. He is close to getting a black belt.
  • 1/13/18 talked to Michael (20) at Shell station, asked if he knew anyone who went to church, what ever he said led to talking about it. told him part of my story. He said he had a lot of trouble and was able to find this job. Told him I used to get mad and throw things and he said he does that. He said it is a spiritual battle which is unusual for someone that young to realize and he doesn’t go to church, I told about the you tube videos. His mother is in the hospital somewhere but not here. Gave him testimony, videos of healing, prayed for him to receive the love of Christ. He was grateful and said it is good to talk to someone like me and said God Bless you to me twice.
  •  I saw Joe with his dog I had never seen. As I walked up Joe said don’t come too close he doesn’t like men and I stood 10 ft away and the dog looked like he would bite. Talked for several mins and said I have something to read and he said better leave it on the table. A few more minutes I visualized going to the dog and said what’s your dog’s name and I said tahoe can you wag your tail and he did, I said can I pet him did and the dog became very passive and wagged his tail while I petted him. Joe said that has never happened before and he has had the dog 9 years and told his wife later about it.
  • 1/20/18 HAPPENED AGAIN laying in bed complaining talking to Holy Spirit, got up in 5 minutes saying to myself go help somebody several times and forgot my feelings i.e. melancholy, tired, (slept 3 hrs yesterday, bed at 9 and still tired when I woke up complaining at 6 30. had a negative dream from the devil 2nd night in a row and i pointed into air which was black and said you’re dead. I was complaining to HS about why that happened. The change in attitude in a few minutes was unreal and to say go help somebody was another example of God helping.
  • 1/27/18 LAST NIGHT WATCHING TBN A PREACHER SAID HE FELT SO BLESSED HE CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS A BELIEVER and he meant because of all the good things in his life and I have said this several times recently about the signs I have received.

Sept. 1999 ASKED God to help me STOP DRINKING. 2am went to bathroom, looked in the mirror and said God please help me stop drinking. I had spent half my life drunk and the other half with a hangover. A little exaggeration but not by much. I had tried to quit a few times. I felt more compassion and sincerity about this more than ever before. It was 3 days later I realized I did not have a desire for a beer which was a daily occurrence. It took over 6 months and possibly closer to a year to get alcohol out of my system.

4/2000 Dream message THE LORD IS YOUR SHEPHERD. This was a message with each letter being several light bulbs.

I added: to lead me to green paths, to guide me in words that do not offend thee or others, to guide me in thoughts that I am not better or worse off than others, guide me in prayers for gratitude, guidance, forgiveness, show me the way to wisdom, knowledge, understanding. As time went on I said this occasionally but never applied it especially gratitude and forgiveness until 2014. When Karen died in 2011 I had said Karen would forgive me, God might but I never will. I did forgive myself in 2014 so it took a while. I know there are several verses in the bible about this but 16 years later I found this For “you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls, 1 Peter 2:25 which seems appropriate for my case.

4/2000 dream message I HAVE HEARD THE SILENCE.  Never actually figured this out but sometime later –months, I read Jung and the Lost Gospels. P.68 “the father as well as the first thought have their origin in Silence, an ever existing limitless power.” Sometime in 2000 I read a book by Carl Jung something about Psychology and Religion and he said he has empirical proof of the existence of the spirit in dreams which started my searching.

Also 12 years later I talked with a Minister who had a shelf of 8-10 books on Silence. I would guess it has to do with meditation. I never developed a good technique for meditating. Maybe it was to be still and know that I am God, Psalms 46:10

4/2000   driving to Chesterton for our Granddaughter Maggie’s birth.  Listening to a religious program which I had never done before and only a few times since. It was a nationwide call in show. I was driving through the quad cities and there was a call from Ron. I thought it would be quite a coincidence and a message if he were calling from the quad cities. The call was lost but he called back in 15 mins from Moline, Il. His interest was classic car shows, same as mine and he put spiritual messages on windshields – but I ignored the message.

May 2001   Doing a computer search for foreign investments 4th page was a book BEFRIEND GOD WHEN LIFE HURTS. I very seldom or never went past page two on searches for anything and still don’t.

OCT 2002   VIVID DREAM INTERTWINED SPIRITS in heaven looking at mountains and seeing colored orbs. I knew it was me and Karen. I was holding her and we were both looking at the same thing and either admiring them or trying to figure out what they were doing. It is interesting that I am so lucky to be living in a place now where I have 180-degree view of mountains in CA. and Steamboat Springs was our favorite place.

Feb .03   meditating this came to me YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU, may have been something I read but I didn’t recall it. (found this in the bible Nov of 2015 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. John 14:20).

FEB 2003 reading this prayer on a note card and trying to memorize it while watching a movie Manhattan Mystery. It is from book The Spiritual Path of Prayer by Dr. Ron Roth.   It didn’t say where the poem came from. It is God speaking to us.

I await the smallest sign of your response, whenever you invite me I do come, always without fail, I come with my mercy, My desire to heal, My desire to forgive. I come longing to console you and give you strength. I come with My power and My grace to touch your heart and transform your life. My Grace I give to still your soul. If you only ask Me with faith My Grace will touch all that needs changing in your life. I will give you strength to free yourself from error. I know especially your need for love. I will satisfy and fill you. I will make you a new creation and give you peace in your trials. I will prove to you how important you are to My life. I will work miracles in your life. There is nothing I cannot forgive, nothing I cannot heal. I thirst for you, ask Me with faith. Never doubt My mercy, My desire to forgive, My longing to bless you, and live My life in you.  Trust in Me. Ask Me every day. Do not cling to the things of this life. It is your belief in My Love that will change you. Why not try opening your heart to Me right now. Come to Me with your misery and your troubles and your longing to be loved.

AS I PUT THE CARD DOWN TO PONDER THIS I LOOKED AT THE TV AND THE VERY NEXT LINE WAS CAN YOU COMPREHEND THE ENORMITY OF WHAT I AM TELLING YOU. at the time I thought this was quite an epiphany as the tv line seemed really exaggerated for the scene.

Dream message FIND A BIBLE AND THE LORD SAYETH. This was sometime around 2003 I did not start reading the bible until 2014.

March 2003 Dream followed my prayers to make our spirits one. Message: EITHER ONE THE OTHER only it was clearly ither like spelled with an i which I never used. I don’t even know how I knew it was with an I as it was telepathic but I did.

8/1/03 POEM   take my life and free my pain, take my life it’s not the same, take my life Lord lift me up, take my life and fill my cup, I’m so weary I can’t see, Lord I know you can set me free, I long for heaven so I can be at peace for all eternity, Lord I love you, yes I do and I know you’ll help me through.

I had never in my life said or thought about saying Lord I love you. This came to me between 2 – 4 AM. Today in 2015 I say it all the time.

8/2/03 THAT night asleep real voice in my mind. DO YOU LOVE ME – IT WAS GOD’S VOICE. It was an authoritative voice not mean as the one in May of 2001 and at a different level than my conscious mind and I realized this in my sleep. At the time I thought our conscious mind is at the surface of something much greater. Again I am not a deep thinker but I perceived it then as a vast place.

Sept 2003 dream message FIND A PLACE FOR JESUS (I ignored this until I was baptized in 2014) my note says after getting the sign I decided to read about his life and what he was telling us, 2-3 days later I found a book on a bedroom shelf The Social Teachings of the Prophets and Jesus written in 1917. I didn’t recall buying this book but not saying it just appeared so I had forgotten I bought it. I suppose I was looking for Jesus but couldn’t understand He is alive and with us.

OCT 2003 dream message   READ ISAIAH. I believe Isiah tells about the coming of Christ but I think he was called Emmanuel so not sure where the name Yeshua is from although it means salvation. I read but didn’t get anything from it at the time.

2003 COME HOLY SPIRIT. From book THE SPIRITUAL PATH OF PRAYER by Dr. Ron Roth, former Catholic priest wrote he was severely depressed for some time. A friend came to visit and told him to say COME HOLY SPIRIT. I have done this 100 times and found comfort and peace– sometimes up to an hour or few hours later I have forgotten what my issue was. The “issue” or another will come back so requires saying this when you need help and it works. After I read this sometime in 2003 I was in the sauna at home and thinking about the future without Karen and started crying and slobbering so hard snot came out of my nose and I mumbled come Holy Spirit several times and in 3-4 minutes had stopped. I went from total despair to feeling like going out to dinner.

Sept 2003 dream message FIND A PLACE FOR JESUS (I ignored this until I was baptized in 2014)

I have felt incredible Love and peace at times, not of anyone or anything but just love. I guess this was God’s Unconditional Love which cannot be explained other than bliss. Happened many times, even watching tv. This happened in the midst of the most troubling unbearable times of my life.

The Holy Spirit worked in me – and it is not just for me. I watch you tube videos but one led to another and another and found Holy Spirit songs and workings of the Holy Spirit by Kenneth Hagin to see manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It is one of the things that made me see something bigger than me is going on and this was 12 years from reading the book but throughout that time I kept saying and telling people to say come Holy Spirit.  John of God is another fascinating and improbable to believe story but there are videos of his healing of thousands and thousands of people by calling spirits including a Dr. who gives prescriptions that John of God writes in the Doctors handwriting and John of God cannot write.

In 2017 six years after Karen died i got up to go to the bathroom 3 times and each time grief of missing her came and i cried each time and said Come Holy Spirit and the grief was over in a minute each time.

4/28/04 dream message ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GOD.

April 2004 Eliezer. I had felt for some time something was helping when I slept, several times while asleep I saw or felt ominous emotions of fear, depression, the future without Karen come into my mind. I felt the emotion came in from my right side (of my consciousness) and it was like it was pushed out the left side in a few seconds. This happened many times. I just watch it cross from right to left. One time it came back and was pushed out again.  I had been saying in my mind what is your name expecting an answer if I could be quiet. I had been getting up at 12-1-2 am every night to read as didn’t want to lay and think about what was happening. One time I picked a book at random, opened to page 44, thumbed back to page 40 and read Eliezer is a type of Holy Spirit …. Eliezer means comforter. Don’t say Elizer for the Holy Spirit I think He was telling me He is the Comforter, Jn. 14:16..  The book was How to Learn the Bible in 24 Days. He was the eldest slave of Abraham I think. I read the book but didn’t get much out of it. About every night when I got in bed I felt incredible love and peace come over me. There were times during the day I could summon peace and love by thinking about it. But it was brief and after a few minutes it was like something realized the peace and started sending me things to think about and it was a flood of thoughts. I felt an agitation or annoyance about this as like the other mind was annoyed. However, until 2014 I thought it was my imagination. It seemed like there was a separate mind in me and what I didn’t know then but should have because I heard the voice in 2001. Just my opinion based on my experience. This refers to hearing the devil’s voice in 2001 say i don’t want to pray and it was a mean voice different than God’s.

Oct 2004   I wrote think the thoughts of angels do as angels do (from Emanuel Swedenborg) 3 times watching tv and doodling, after last one the next line on tv was “I think like an angel”

11/3/04 I sketched a vision I had of me standing and Karen on her knees and I was trying to get her up   – I had tears in the sketch. This actually happened sometime in 2011 when I was taking her to bed and Karen slid out of her wheel chair and I was lifting her up the same way as in the vision and I was crying over her condition. In 2011 I had been exhausted almost daily from getting up at night to change her or read.

Feb. 2005  ASKING GOD FOR HELP in bed, total sadness and despair, tears flowing and I prayed harder with more feeling than ever. I prayed as if talking to God as my father (Heavenly Father). Felt ringing in my ears and my body welled up as you would if you continued crying. Then it was over instantly. My mind was completely numb of all the sad things. I thought how incredible the change was. I moved Karen’s head to my shoulder. I had a dream and we were laughing a lot and it was peaceful.

I started looking for proof of God: I now know this by faith and what I have experienced but some were:

  • in my opinion the most common sense proof is why do we automatically know right from wrong including immediately when we say the wrong thing.
  • why are planets round and galaxy’s spiral’s.
  • They say Vision is so complex it could not evolve.
  • The odds of spontaneous formation of a single DNA are mathematically impossible.
  • 200,000 amino acids in a human cell could not come together randomly.
  • THINGS SEEN ARE MADE OF THINGS UNSEEN –Hebrews 11:3. I’m not sure or where this actually started but God told someone over 2,000 years ago we are made of atoms basically and atoms were not discovered until the 1800’s.
  • the best one was the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Too long to write here but beautiful story you should read sometime. In 1997 scientists were still trying to determine what the paint was made of, how it was that wood that was made to last 20 years had lasted over 400 years.

– a google search for proof of God will bring many results but if you consider one man came over 2,000 years ago to teach us some basic things like do not judge, love each other and now over 2.5 Billion people believe in Him.

MAY 2005 dream message – read GALATIANS I thought it was something/18 – 6/18 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brothers and sisters. Amen

6/25/05 woke up middle of night singing: if I could walk with Jesus just one time, song below (actually not much of a song but interesting) I ignored this message for 10 more years.

9/30/05 I woke Karen from a nap she said she had a dream of Jesus as a baby and he told her God would always be with her, had I been a couple of minutes early I would have interrupted it and a few minutes later she may have forgotten it.

Church story  Oct. 2005 CHURCH STORY -There is a Judge and HE doesn’t forget! We went to church as Karen wanted to because 3 friends went to the church. Karen had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2001 and I thought her friends might come and see her, take her to lunch once in a while but they didn’t do one thing.

As it turns out this church was a very bad experienced but I don’t even touch on all the things that happened. One thing that made me very bitter was Karen helped in the nursery and her former friend said her husband was going to help next quarter and they didn’t need her and it really hurt Karen’s feelings as she loved children but with her Alzheimer’s she got confused. I knew I said 3 innocent things that offended the minister and instead of talking to me about it he used one in a sermon to 200 people saying I don’t believe for one minute anyone who says they didn’t go to church because as a child they were frightened because of the shouting.  He was talking about me and I was 5 in a small church of 50 people. I knew when I said it that wasn’t the reason but we were on a different topic so didn’t correct my comment. Actually what is interesting is in 2017 I saw one of the gifted women ministers on TBN say the exact same thing and she told her husband she didn’t go for that same reason. I told him I heard GOD say DO YOU LOVE ME, he said God doesn’t talk to people. I asked him if he ever had trouble praying (i did and wanted suggestions) I could see he was offended and he prayed then. So without ever sitting down to talk to me he judged me and told Karen’s friend not to associate with us (my guess). He did this during the hardest time of our entire life of losing each other to Alzheimer’s. SOMEONE POINTED OUT NOT VERY GODLY.

Church story, May of 2012. I went to a church I had never been to the 4th or 5th time ask. I went and at the end of the sermon the minister said I want to welcome any who may have been abused by their former church’s. I went to see him two weeks later, I told about Karen and when leaving I mentioned what he said about welcoming anyone who may have been abused struck a nerve with me. He told me that when he said it he wondered why he said it and that in his 35 years of being a minister he could not recall ever saying that before. God said I will never leave you or forsake you Heb. 13:5. God told him to say it for my benefit!! 

In November of 2017 I went back to Des Moines, Ia. to see my father-in-law in a nursing home, by then I had only been in Des Moines 3 days in 11 years! He said some women are having Bible study downstairs and I went down excited to share what God is doing and to tell them how to find HIS love. I open the door and the first person I saw was the woman who turned her back on us (because of a judgmental pastor).                      The Holy Spirit is the only one who knew that woman was there. Jer. 1:9 (NLT) …………..”I have put MY words in your mouth”.

It would seem there are people in the Body of Christ who if they were to get to heaven (they won’t) as they would judge who shouldn’t be there. I don’t know if this scripture applies but it might.  Jer. 5:31 The prophets prophesy liesthe priests rule by their own authority, and people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

The abuse was from the church above The experience at the time made me resent religious people more than ever for being self-righteous, judging others, lacking compassion. Some of these people turn others away from Jesus instead of to Him and Jesus knows that from some of the sermons I watched from “Men of God” videos.

2005 telepathic message GO OUT AND STAY THAT WAY. At the time I thought it was be yourself and the very next Sunday that was the topic at church. Years later I wondered if it was God telling the devil. Then I wondered why God couldn’t control the devil and I wondered this for a number of years until I saw where Kenneth Hagin said he sometimes has to stop what he is doing to rebuke the devil. Also a “Man of God” who does healing and demonstrations of God’s Power mentioned below said he anoints his bed every night so it wasn’t just me.

Jan. 2006 dream of dad dying (had died in 2001), he had left instructions: make the land a wetland (had already been sold) then said something about the full moon and the beauty Jesus had created. I cried and thought even dad understood Jesus more than I did. He never went to church or read the bible that I knew of so seems like a dream to remind me about Jesus. 

March 2009 dream message ABORTION PROTEST this was a telepathic message and I understood that there was a meeting or convention about this in the dream. I had never been passionate about this but was pro-choice and felt God would be the judge, two days later on the news was a report about 25th anniversary of Roe vs Wade.

SPIRITUAL DREAMS – several but too many to list:  a large yellow ball or globe with a slit in it that could not be seen from the outside and it was a place to hide.

A large glowing cross facing 3 evergreen trees, Karen was still with us but I perceived this to be her facing me and our daughters (one tree was in front of the other two)

A white dove emerging from swirling fog or heavy mist (although I knew this was a good sign, it never occurred to me it was a symbol for the Holy Spirit until watching a video which said there are 7 symbols for the Holy Spirit one is a dove).  the telepathic messages mentioned.  May 2004 I was given six places in the bible where Jesus said we are spirits; this was 10 years before I had given much thought to the fact we are spiritual beings as I always thought we are souls.

Dream of conversation with someone regarding how to be a spiritual person and free of earthly concerns. This was a few years before 2014 when I began.

ONE DAY toward the end when Karen wasn’t responsive I was crying pretty hard one day and said to Karen Honey we needed more time now all I have is my pain. I walked by the tv going to bathroom a song playing (music station) was So Do I.  I thought that was an interesting thing. Came back and was going to make a note about it and looked at the tv and the next song playing was Whine Whine Whine apparently words in a song.

A dream in 2012 Saw several white crosses of different shapes –one at a time, Karen’s face in background or to the side. She opened her eyes. I have had many dreams from Karen. I truly believe those we are in love with can send us dreams.

AFGHAN STORY – approx. march 2012, at an IANDS meeting concerning people telling about near death experiences and meeting loved ones. A young woman spoke and talked about how she was downloaded with information and explained several things that seemed like she may have some physic abilities. She was working on a Doctorate at Pacifica Institute which had something to do with Jungian Depth Psychology. After meeting I asked if she could connect with Karen – said maybe. Came over and I mentioned to tell Karen I was going back to see her parents. Joy said Karen said there was something she wanted me to have, I asked what and she said I would know it when I saw it. I went back, asked if there was anything of ours around, the only thing there was a large box in the basement with Christmas ornaments and nothing else of interest. I could have let it go but said is there anything else that Karen made. There was something in 2nd bedroom upstairs and when the dresser drawer was opened I knew instantly that was it – an afghan she worked on for a year and I had said a couple of times honey why don’t you give up. She took it completely apart at least twice to start over. When I saw it was like finding gold. It is the most important item I have.

Joy was her name and I learned she was originally from Ames, Ia. She said Karen was beautiful, Karen was concerned about my burden, I said I don’t know what, Joy said on your right shoulder (had rotator cuff surgery). She said Karen was concerned it was going in your neck. It was due to another injury and it bothers me to this day (Nov. 2015), but Joy could not know any of this.

MOVIE LINES only including a few here but it is interesting how there are lines in movies that resonate something in us.

  • when you can’t remember what it’s like to be human then it’s ok (Mystic River).
  • I like to think he found some measure of peace we all seek but few of us find (The Last Samari).
  • why did Jesus weep when Lazarus died. Mary and Martha wept and Jesus felt their pain (Barber Shop 2) this is in the book of John.
  • The Letters – about Mother Teresa. she said there is no greater suffering than being alone, abandoned, forgotten.
  • Do You Love Me – from Risen. This is what God or Jesus said to me.
  • God thank you for any good I might have done in the world I’m sorry about the bad. Streets of New York.
  • One time I made a cup of coffee after dinner ( i had not done that before) watched a movie about someone who had committed suicide and was in heaven–said know what I miss most coffee, didn’t drink it just the smell. I had thought more than once about how not to be here when Karen died.
  • Dinner, watching Raymond, I looked for ketchup 3 times, Raymond came in with groceries, wife went through the sacks and said where’s the ketchup.

DIVINE INTERVENTION? –  in my notes from 2001-2004/5 I recorded that several times I was going to change lanes and at the last second saw a car beside me since then it has occurred 10-15 additional times.

  • One time I stopped at a stop sign looked left and started to turn right I stepped on the brakes unconsciously as hard as I ever had and there was a woman I almost hit with her hand on the hood of my car, I had not seen her.
  • I couldn’t find Karen’s lotion and it was like I was guided to the spot.
  • I have drifted into the other lane on two lane roads while trying to read something in 2 seconds and looked up to see a car coming.
  • I lost my keys one time and found them in the freezer after a short search as if guided. I would guess we all have had many of these things happen and we credit our subconscious mind.

Psalms 91:11 He will send angels to guide you in all your ways. So based on what I have experienced I tend to believe this more than sub conscious mind.

Story of Antonio, this is a story of Job in the bible although Antonio didn’t start with anything. – in 2006 I started playing handball again and became good friends with Antonio. He is the only guy that comes in and shakes hands with everyone (12-20 guys) and says good to see you. He is the most interesting person I think I have met and I know he has more integrity than anyone. I have said if I had $500,000 I would trust him to go to Mexico City and put it in a bank. During the time I have known him he lost his house but somehow got it back, belonged to the laborers union but never had a full time job. He then lost his son in a car wreck on the 101 around Thanksgiving. Both daughters were severely injured. He blames himself as he swerved to avoid a drunk driver and it hit the car in back of him – his son and a family friend died. His wife turned his daughters against him by claiming he had cheated. He spent every day in the hospital for 3 months with both daughters. He told of going to their apartment for Christmas and he could see they were all inside but wouldn’t let him in. He sued the State of California over the accident and won $3 million although his attorney kept 45% or 50%. He got $1,200/mo. for life and gave the rest to his daughters and wife who he was divorcing. He had nothing and would not accept anything as it was like a handout. His car had 300,000 miles and looked like about to fall apart but kept going. He knew a lot about many things: painting, expert at pool, repairing about anything – good but no expert. In the middle of this his mother died in Mexico City, I loaned him $500 and told him he could work it out in odd jobs. He said he had been praying for that amount and I gave it to him the day he needed it. His mother left him her house and the next time he went there it had been vandalized and needed a roof.  He would do anything for a friend and once drove a friend to a town in Mexico in his beat up car. Before that he drove someone else to Mexico. He wanted me to go to Nebraska with him to see his brother in a car I would not feel safe driving across town in. I loaned him my car one time to go to L.A.  Another brother in Mexico City died and left a 14-year-old son. His sister in Spain whose husband died of brain damage from an operation introduced Antonio to a friend. Antonio has been to Spain twice and is now there to help this woman with her 90-year-old father who is completely helpless and they live in a 4th floor apartment. The father wakes up every night screaming. He would talk to her on the phone for 2-3 hours sometimes. He came back from Spain one time to go to his son’s wedding in New York city, flew to Santa Barbara then to NY, got there called his son and was told the wedding was off. There are a few more tragic events.

The reason he is in this is because his life is incredible and he met both God and the devil. He has seen several UFO’s I think from sleeping in his car or outside of his car. He met an alien while working the night shift in a factory in Mexico.  He told about before he was born just floating around and went to the light and was asked what he wanted to do when he came back. He said the time he was floating around in darkness was peaceful and he moved around by thinking I’ll go over there. He was reluctant to tell me what he wanted to do but I’m guessing help others. We seldom had a chance to talk about God or the devil as it was at the gym and someone would come along. He stopped over a few times to visit. He told me the devil showed him how easy it is to manipulate thoughts. Antonio didn’t have a computer or read books so not something he might have read. God showed him how he created a new species. Antonio told me never to show anger, sadness, disappointment as the devil takes advantage of this. a year or so later I read something very similar about controlling your emotions. He also told me how very horrible the emotion is when you meet the devil and I experienced it before Antonio mentioned that. The devil or whatever is real. The last thing I heard about Antonio was his car broke down in Los Angeles while catching a flight to Spain.

God gave me the thought knowing what I was about to read. April 2012 COOKIES   reading through my note cards where I wrote some of this information. I was eating cookies and thought I wish I had one more cookie while reading the last line of this card: Jan 05 talked to Brother Bhumananda at The Self Realization Fellowship in L.A. (the one Yogananda Paramahansa started) he said these messages, signs, poems were from the divine and were cookies to get my attention. I pretty much knew this but to want one more cookie at the moment I read cookies was a wow. Elvis studied there and said one of the most profound things: all you need is something to do, something to look forward to and someone to care about.

WATER sometime in 2012 going through a very hard time: a woman at the church I went to briefly: –a spiritual church, was a shaman. I asked if she could help with grieving. When I woke up the morning she was coming I heard a voice say drink water. When she came after a short time she said she couldn’t do anything because they said I needed water.

SAME TIME PERIOD, I walked in kitchen thought I’m really thirsty. Tv ad, woman said DRINK WATER. I listened for product message but something else came on so thought I may have heard the end of the commercial.

2013 -not dated Just now I was very sad and emotional and said I miss you Karen I miss you so much. I hadn’t been sad for a few days, looked at the tv. It said YOU ARE LOVED. I guess it was the end of an ad because the next time I looked 2 seconds later it was about alligator hunting. That has happened a few times.

May 2013 watching a movie: man thanked his wife and said without whom this life would have meant nothing. a realization came to me that I had received God’s greatest gift – someone who loved me unconditionally. I was grieving and looking at a list of books unrelated to loss or grieving and a book: Lord Help Me Make It Through My Grieving. This was like the book that appeared on a list in May of 2001.

7/2013  OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE   2-3 weeks later remembered hearing a George Noorey guest while driving home talk about oobe. Went to his site and found what I thought was the program that night. Read a little and went to the guests site –dr. albert Taylor –afterlife knowledge. Book Soul Traveler. I had only heard of this recently and wanted to do it believing I could find Karen.

Looked at the links –led me to the Monroe institute for out of body travel. Looked at the courses offered. All were in VA – 12 to15, 2 were international. I thought if one were closer –Midwest/maybe CO I would attend, one was in CA. clicked it and it was in Santa Barbara.  However, cost was $2,000 so didn’t go but pretty amazing coincidence.   Tried 50 times.

8/2/13 out of body experience –  asleep, falling downward in a bright sun lit sky. I knew it was one of the obe signs and said higher frequency now, higher vibration now. Nothing happened so decided to see where it goes but went to sleep. I was almost asleep, saw my left arm extend longer than normal length to go around Karen and bring her closer to be on top of me (I was going to hold her) while my arm was extending out I could see my actual arm was at my side so knew it was obe. While asleep I thought I had made the breakthrough but never happened again. I saw all this with spiritual eyes not natural eyes and I had not read about seeing in the spirit until 2015.

A dream of Karen July 2013 Lety cleaned today, said her youngest daughter (6-7 at the time) had a dream of Karen last week. Said Karen touched her face and she was happy and smiling. Lety said her daughter had tears and said I miss Karen mommy. She sat on Karen’s lap and gave her a kiss when they came over 3-4 times. Karen loves children.

SID ROTH BOOK – about the lives of 10 Jews that included Sid Roth. I thumbed through it and something was mentioned in the part about Roth that got my attention. Found he had a you tube site with what seems to be dozens of ministers with supernatural stories of healings, visions, and miracles done in the name of Jesus. This started me watching this and other videos of this and I have probably spent 600 hours watching these. There are some absolutely miraculous stories of God’s power working through the Holy Spirit. One incredible story is Rienhard Bonnke, a German who was told by God to go to Africa. Went without anything and converted over 76 million people to Jesus. All the abilities of the “men of God” (called that in the bible too”) are due to faith which is the key and very hard to find.

This book propelled me to explore more. In a 70’s video Sid mentions Deuteronomy 18:10 and he may still believe it today but he has many people on his show who have seen loved ones in heaven and sell books on how to get to heaven, talk to God, etc. so I think God wants us to know about them. Part of the opening statement in the show says can you get supernatural help from another dimension. He has people on who talk to God and the Holy Spirit. I think he had someone teaching how to be in heaven. In theory according to the Deuteronomy this would be detestable. In the church story above the “abusive” church we went to said God doesn’t talk to people.

Nov. 2015 story of Anita. the story is too long. It became more surreal the more we talked because she brought up so many things I had dealt with I thought she was reading my mind. Throughout our conversation I wondered if she was an angel or from the devil. I looked in her eyes and saw what I thought was a little toward evil and not of love. However, after hearing her hard life I understood. A little later I asked if she thought Jesus was the Son of God which according to 1 John 4:2 is how you tell if a spirit is from God. She said no and I had her read it in her bible and had her read 1 John 3:8 to see what her reaction would be. Her bible was full of writing. She said the bible was given to her by an angel walking on the beach.  Her name was Ruiz and looked Spanish but did not have an accent. The story is I was at Shoreline Park reading and she came up and I asked if she wanted to share the bench -it was long. She told of being homeless (she was 35), told how her husband abused her and said he was the devil and put his mark on her.

She got a flesh eating disease and was in the hospital and had something happen to find Jesus. she finds faith in Jesus every day.  Said she talks to Yeshua. talked about leaving her body and being a spirit (we are all spirits). She had been a prostitute and told how she left her body during relations. When she reverts to old ways of drugs or prostitution she is punished and told of a couple things. Mentioned feeling God’s unconditional love when she found Jesus and her life has changed.  She said she could manipulate clouds – I was told angels do this. said she went to 3 churches for help and none of them would or could help, said one even walked away which seemed odd as I experienced this too. She told something about being on fire at one time and she said her face melted off (spiritually speaking and this may be similar to what I experienced when I was attacked by the devil (mentioned below) and my head was opened into millions of particles. she said having a hard time memorizing scriptures as I am.

I said that I thank God and Jesus often. She said doing that builds up your spirit (this was mentioned on the videos I had watched) so she knew this from something.

At the end I gave her a little money, she wanted to meet sometime for church (she knew from the bible when two meet in God’s name it is a church). She gave me a hug and I thought either something good will happen or something bad but my path, research, connection remained about the same.

She said something beyond my comprehension concerning God and I had to say that is a little above my level of understanding.

1/17/16 A few times throughout the day I said I need a sign or a wonder or a miracle. 8pm watching a movie on TCM from the 40’s a line in the movie an actor said what do you do for a living, other guy said I live on miracles. I said that doesn’t count. As bazaar as it sounds, based on everything that has happened it may have answered my request.

2/3/16 later I prayed for people who are lonely, abandoned, forgotten, (focused on Jesus before starting) read some scriptures reminding God of what he said and after 4-5 minutes I became so choked up with sadness and cried, I stopped for 30 seconds. It was as if Jesus felt their pain and suffering – 3rd or 4th time I have felt this. I even said out loud wow that must be compassion from Jesus. (This praying came from being told after watching the movies about Mother Teresa’s life where she said there is not greater suffering than feeling abandoned, forgotten, lonely, depressed.).

In bed 9:30 watching videos of sermons, talk mentioned Hebrews 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin 16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

bazaar coincidence – After losing Karen I moved to another large house. Found out lady I was renting from ex-husband was from Des Moines where we were from) and about the same age but I didn’t know the last name. So I guess this story belongs in bazaar coincidences. Sounds like they had a nice life, traveled a lot, she had plans for a good retirement. Her husband was a cousin to one of the wealthiest men in Iowa who at one time stayed in the unit I rent, forgot his name but he owned a large real estate company. I found his name on the sales document for the house my parents bought in Des Moines in 1957 when I went through all the papers in their basement. That must have been around the time he started the company.

Feb.2016 volunteering serving people I realized I was saying God bless you to each person and it was not something I consciously started and it was about the 5th person that I realized I was saying it.

5/3/16 GOD HELPED. You will understand this when you read about how I was attacked and felt the most ominous depressing emotion I have ever felt and It happened over 15/18 months ago. On 5/2 I had the best experience for vibrations. That night I felt this same ominous emotion and it didn’t last one second and was immediately stopped. I knew something stopped it and I thought I did by being immune to negativity.

Negativity I refer to persisted on and off but it was from non- benevolent souls not as ominous and became more of a nuisance and I knew when it came and could get rid of it. There are several scriptures about God being with us and I have probably listed them below. One is: Never will I leave you never will I forsake you Hebrews 3:5.

11/21/15 passing the theater I said Karen do you remember the time you wanted to go to the movies and we went at the last minute and saw a movie about sad and lonely people that was an amazing thing that happened, pulled into lot at the Y and parked in front of car with license plate I SAVEM, inside a guy wearing a t shirt said I LOVE YOU the heavens are covered with stars. Maybe a timely coincidence, maybe not.

5/31/16 Doctors office, thumbing through Asian art mag. saw an ad for Bonham’s in London;  for enquiries: Karen Ziegler. Earlier I had asked for a sign. I still don’t know if coincidence but there are a lot of them.

– Going up hwy 154 a few miles out of Santa Barbara to find  spot to read saw one on the left side and pulled across other lane a little fast and slid on gravel a few inches, stopped 5-6 ft. in front of a large rock with JESUS carved in it. I laughed and thought wow that must be a sign, pendulum said yes. I don’t know for sure but I doubt if there are any rocks within 100 miles with Jesus carved on them at eye level sitting in a car.

-Coming home one time I said God I need a sign today, 5 minutes later I saw a license plate GVTHNX. I started singing thank you God for all you do for me, thank you God for watching over me, thank you God for saving me, thank you God for forgiving me, thank you God for all that I can be. I actually sing this often.

SLAVES. Maybe more of an observation, at park meditating, young woman asks to share the bench, started telling me about her life, from Kansas, doesn’t have a family, boyfriend has chased her across 3 states, wants to get a job so she can go to school, wants to go to school so she can get a good job, but doesn’t know anything, she was in her late 20’s, her step father a minister has disowned her, has two boys in Arizona she doesn’t talk to, she was black and said we are slaves, meaning us and I realized far too many are slaves to circumstances of life and unable to get out.

From the beginning I thought she wanted money but never asked. I felt bad that I didn’t have any advice for her but to say come Holy Spirit when times get hard. In her situation they may be always hard. She gave me a card with her name and phone, it said looking for a soulmate. The card wasn’t for me as I’m old enough to be her grandfather, wear my wedding ring. That seemed like it is extremely unlikely for her. I left, pulled over and prayed for her. I can only hope that The Holy Spirit gives her peace and that she feels God’s unconditional love.

The reason this story is included is because during my time of watching 600 plus hours of videos two ministers mentioned everything starts in the spirit world. Another minister Tom Loud who does faith healing and has many videos of healings done in the name of Jesus (see reference section for videos of hundreds of thousands of people healed by these men). In his video “Authority to Heal” Pastor Tom says when we are born we are slaves to the sins of this world and this world is controlled by satan. I don’t know if what he says is in the bible but probably is. I do know that many times I wondered if something was going on I didn’t know. Especially going to sleep looking forward to the next day and waking up feeling different however there have been many times I woke up happy so what happened while sleeping. Came across this a day after writing this note about slaves ; another example of being guided: So also, when we were underage, we were in slavery under the elemental spiritual forces of the world. Galatians 4:3

Hi, praying for sad, lonely, forgotten, neglected, abandoned people and I do this on Mondays at a place going to Painted Caves off hwy 154 in Santa Barbara. One time I saw clouds that spelled H i.  The I had a dot over it. When I saw this cloud formation is was amazing and I have pictures but may be too faint to see Hi. Anita in the story above told me angels can form clouds and I didn’t give it much thought. Another time there was complete ground fog which is somewhat common and it was blue sky above me. This was in my Signs of God paper I give out on occasion and talking to someone i had prayed for he said when his sister died he saw clouds that spelled LOVE.

-Watching Will and Julia’s bands perform downtown one time saw a woman setting eating ice creme at a distance and thought to myself I wouldn’t mind meeting her. Ten to fifteen minutes later she was standing next to me. After ten more minutes I said something and we had a nice conversation, met for lunch and she had so many issues I never saw her again.

-Saw a woman coming in as I was leaving Trader Joe’s, thought she looked like someone I would like to meet. Then drove to Von’s to get something and saw her coming out as I was going in. Haven’t seen her again.

Update -this happened again, went to the Y and thought I might see someone in the sauna I had seen a couple of times, left and stopped a Trader Joe’s (same one) and she was going in and came out about the time I did but I didn’t say anything but thought wasn’t that a coincidence.

– I was waiting for coffee at a coffee shop in Santa Barbara looking at all the license plates and one caught my eye, looked closer and it was the same county my parents lived in. The owner said John gave it to her and he comes every morning at 8 for coffee. Met him a couple of times and he knew my parents and goes back to Davis City, Ia. 2-3 times a year.

-talking on the phone to Paul from Ireland an email came in for a trip to Ireland. I clicked on it and it had trips to 25 places so why Ireland first.  6-Nt Ireland Trip w/Air & Train from $899; Just One of Our Top 25 Travel Deal.

6/12/15   driving to park about 10 am said Karen can you show me a sign today you are here, I said show me a grizzly bear (have no idea why) then said I guess that isn’t very realistic. At club and about 6pm in sauna reading the independent and came across an ad with a bear, I laughed and said that doesn’t count it’s a carton figure and read the caption which said so and so dressed as an 8’ tall grizzle bear.

-5/24/15 I wondered where the 21 days came from for fasting. Later same day I just watched a video that said that Daniel (Daniel chapter 10) prayed, repented for the sins of his people and fasted for 21 days.

5/30/17 at the cemetery, Started leaving again and saw a tall handsome young man with a long black coat and cowboy hat and he looked like he could have been a country singer. Mathew said he was there for his grandparents and mother. Talked about his family a little, and he went to the people who put flags on vets graves last year and told them that his grandparents should have a flag and why.  I told him about our story (medium seeing Barb) and asked if he would like to read it and he said yes. He said YELLOW FLOWERS and I said what and he said he is getting yellow flowers and that he has been told he is somewhat of a medium. I buy yellow flowers for Karen and almost always have them and the current flowers have died so may have been a reminder. We shook hands 3 times during this exchange and he initiated each one.

7/24/17 drove up 154 to pray, somewhere started singing thank you thank you thank you jesus Jesus Jesus over and over, when I got to the turn off there was a sign that said thank you, it was for the firefighters but was so timely I thought it was a sign as in the Holy Spirit putting that song in my heart-mind.

GOD PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH 6/30/18 went to Will’s basket ball tournament at Westmont. Lost the wrist band I was given yesterday. There I was thinking I was going to say to the woman “ I know this sounds like a foolish question but do you happen to remember me from yesterday”. As I walked in before I said anything she said I remember you from yesterday. I said good because I lost my band. 10 minutes later I took her 3 papers –to know the love of Christ, you are worthy to the lord and something else and told her about the amazing love of God and while I was talking to her tears came to her eyes and I said that is the love of God and it is beautiful she said you have a glow about you and she said that is why I remembered because you had a glow yesterday. I forgot to tell her it isn’t me but Jesus. GOD PUT THOSE WORDS IN HER MOUTH and I don’t know how many times that has happened. Had she not said that I would not have gone back to take the papers.

May the God of Hope fill you with peace, love, joy as you trust in Him so you may overflow with hope by the power of The holy Spirit Romans 15:13

As a Christian I understand God knows all I do and as God is my witness I swear my healings happened. There are Ministers in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks doing this so call if you would like help. Ron -805-895-5710